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Modern Warfare VTOL Jet fail leaves streamer ImMarksman stunned

by Alan Bernal
Infinity Ward / ImMarksman Twitch


CLG pro and longtime CoD YouTuber ImMarksman was baffled after encountering a strange bug with Modern Warfare’s VTOL jet that definitely didn’t act the way it was supposed to.

Infinity Ward’s latest plunge in the Call of Duty franchise has already gone through the motions of game-breaking bugs among other issues regarding broken maps or spawns that essentially ruin a match.

But Marksman was taken aback when his hovering jet went so off the mark, he was at a loss for words seeing how the game could have made the Killstreak fail so bad.

Infinity Ward
There's been more than a few Modern Warfare bugs that's made killstreaks backfire on players.


During a Search & Destroy match, he lined up the craft to clear out the B side of St. Petrograd, which was a considerable distance from where he was located when calling in the 8-kill reward just before he died.

“I was a mile away from it, wasn’t I?” he said, after swapping straight into spectator mode, since you don’t get a replay for killing yourself in the game.

Shortly after putting away the tablet, the streamer refocused on the mid lane of the map to snipe down the mid lane but was taken out by a missile from the sky.


All it took was a quick peek at the killfeed to see that that was actually his VTOL Jet that turned on him when finally coming into play.

“I called it in from halfway across the map from that,” he said confused. “That’s the only way they can possibly kill me. I have to kill myself, apparently.”

After seeing the replay from a viewer’s clip, he was astounded at the death: “I have no clue, I didn’t call it anywhere near me. Look at how far I was away after I f**king called that in!”

ImMarksman Twitch
It seems like the VTOL was a fair distance from where Marksman was at.


And Marksman had a pretty good reason to be frustrated since he came into the round with eight kills and no deaths.

He was on a tear before the bug put a stop to his run, which could've extended even further since he had all three of his killstreaks primed to span with his sniping loadout.

If Marksman does Tweet at IW like he indicated he would, it’ll be interesting to see why this bug occurred and if it gets fixed soon.