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Call of Duty

Modern Warfare update to fix footsteps, claymores, 725 shotgun, more

Published: 6/Nov/2019 16:35 Updated: 6/Nov/2019 17:00

by Scott Robertson


The senior communications manager for Infinity Ward, Ashton Williams, announced on November 6 that the developers will be rolling out an update for Call of Duty.

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Some much-anticipated change is coming to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The latest installment of the franchise has been prone to a lot of criticism since its release, and the upcoming update looks like it will address several of the issues that fans and even pro players have brought up again and again.

On November 6, a representative for Infinity Ward, senior communications manager Ashton Williams, announced on her Twitter account that a big update will be rolled out over the next couple of days.


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Williams said that the update will fix bugs and improve stability across all platforms, but more importantly, it will address some of the most controversial and talked about issues in the game like claymores and footsteps. 

The biggest of these issues might be the claymores.

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Numerous types of players from casual players, hardcore players, streamers and pro players have all been complaining about how excessive claymore usage has ruined the game. 

Footstep audio is something that was already addressed in an earlier update this month, but clearly the developers and the community think that more work needs to be done on that front.


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In the replies on Twitter, Williams also revealed that the 725 shotgun will receive changes.

The 725 shotgun has been widely viewed as overpowered and in desperate need of a fix. Fans have also been clamoring for a fix for the Spec Ops mode, and Williams says that’s coming too.

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These changes coming over the next few days aren’t the only ones incoming. Infinity Ward’s Co-Design Director Joe Cecot said over the weekend when update 1.06 came out that more changes were coming.

On top of the weapon tuning that’s been confirmed by Williams for this upcoming udpate, Cecot also says that things like improved callout logic and spawn updates are coming too. Whether or not they come in this next update remains to be seen.


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