Modern Warfare update adds Solos to Warzone: full patch notes

Infinity Ward

Infinity Ward have released another update for Modern Warfare which includes the addition of a Solos playlist to Call of Duty’s newest battle royale, Warzone.

All of the hype in the Call of Duty world is very much still centered around the recently-released Warzone, and now Infinity Ward have added more fuel to the fire.

The addition of Solos is the first post-launch content added to the battle royale, and it allows players to queue in alone and not have to worry about constantly coming up against teams of three.

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Infinity WardPlayers can now enjoy the Call of Duty: Warzone map on their own.

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There was also a plethora of general fixes pushed through for bugs and glitches currently plaguing Warzone; this is the first patch since the BR released, so a lot of fixes were expected.

Outside of the BR, the update added several new playlists to Multiplayer, including a 10v10 Atlas Superstore 24/7, which should make the massive map a lot more playable.

Here’s a full breakdown of everything included in this update, as well as the official patch notes.

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Infinity WardQueue times for Call of Duty: Warzone’s new Solos playlist were astronomical at the start.

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March 17 was a big day for Warzone to say the least, as the arrival of Solos plugged up the queue lines and caused players who wanted to try out the BR’s newest mode to wait a while before they could get in.

It’s not clear if this is a permanent addition or a limited-time mode, but the community will undoubtedly want it to stay for as long as possible. Trios, the standard playlist, is still available.

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As for the bug fixes, there were plenty, including one that now grants credit for kills to the player who downed the enemy, rather than the one who finished them off. This was one of the biggest issues that people complained about at launch, and it’s finally been addressed.

What else is new?

Infinity WardThe new 10v10 Atlas Superstore 24/7 playlist should make the new Season 2 map a lot more playable.

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In Multiplayer, the update added three new playlists: Cranked Kill Confirmed, Mercenary Moshpit, and the aforementioned 10v10 Atlas Superstore 24/7. One of the main slights against the new map, which was added at the start of Season 2, was that it’s way too big for standard modes. Now that there’s a 10v10 playlist, it should crank up the amount of action.

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Infinity Ward also made sure to honor St. Patrick’s Day in-game by adding a festive theme to Gunfight, as well as a new cosmetics bundle called Clover and Out.

The set costs 1,100 CoD Points to purchase, and it includes six items in total – an Operator skin, two weapon camos, two weapon charms, and a sticker.

Infinity WardPurchase the St. Patrick’s Day-themed Clover and Out cosmetics bundle for 1,100 CoD Points in Modern Warfare.

Modern Warfare March 17 update patch notes

Here are the full patch notes for this March 17 update, as provided by Infinity Ward in their latest blog post.

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  • Cranked Kill Confirmed
  • Mercenary Moshpit
  • Atlas Superstore 24/7 (10v10) “Doorbuster 24/7”
  • Gunfight is now St. Patrick’s Day themed!

Battle Royale:

  • Solo Mode! That’s right. Just you. 

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  • Fix for a rare bug where players could have increased movement speed after coming out of the Gulag and back into the game
  • Fixed a bug where players may find their weapon in a stowed position and are unable to reload or use their weapon
  • In some cases, players could become stuck under Buy Stations when prone. This has been fixed
  • The Threat UI could disappear from the screen if players complete a contract while they are being hunted from a Bounty Contract. This has been fixed
  • Updated text to “Redeploy Squadmate” to make it a little more obvious on screen when you can buy back a teammate
  • Fix for the last objective in the “Boats and Trains” Mission not tracking as intended
  • Kills are now credited to the player who downed the enemy player.
  • Fix for an exploit where players were able to shoot while downed
  • Fixed a bug where players were unable to deposit cash using balloons if their settings were set to “Contextual Tap”
  • Fixed a bug where players were able to clip into the walls in the Hospital 

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