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Modern Warfare ‘shotgun pistol’ appears completely broken after nerf

Published: 8/Dec/2019 10:23 Updated: 8/Dec/2019 10:28

by Joe Craven


The .357 Magnum, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s infamous ‘shotgun pistol’, appears to be completely broken following its heavy nerf in the December 3 patch notes. 

Modern Warfare’s gun balance has been one of the lesser-complained about aspects of Infinity Ward’s latest CoD installment, but the community has still come to a general consensus. The M4A1 is considered the strongest AR in the game, while weapons like the Uzi and the FR 5.56 leave a lot to be desired.

Another unanimous sentiment was that the .357 pistol – a common alternative to the game’s Desert Eagle – was overpowered when paired with a shotgun modifier attachment. 

Infinity WardThe .357 pistol in Modern Warfare’s Gunsmith.

The Snake Shot ammunition modifier is unlocked at gun level 29 for the .357 Magnum. This attachment sees the gun take “Buckshot-Filled Shells”, meaning it acts as a short-range shotgun.

Many players quickly declared the attachment overpowered, giving the gun mid-range one-hit capabilities that a typical shotgun may not have. In response, the attachment was nerfed heavily in the December 3 update. 

However, one Reddit user has found that the Snake Shot .357 now behaves bizarrely, seemingly alternating between buckshot and a normal gun spread for pistols. They shared this video to Reddit on December 7.

I thought something seemed off lately with my .357 Snake Shot 🙁 from modernwarfare

The video quickly amassed a lot of attention on the Modern Warfare subreddit, with upwards of 27,000 upvotes at the time of writing. 

Many users were quick to condemn Infinity Ward, with one asking: “Is this their attempt at a patch? They keep pushing how realistic this game is. It’s gotta be a joke at this point”. 

The gun certainly seems broken, with the attachment now only appearing to impact alternate shots. It’s not clear whether this was the intention of Infinity Ward’s nerf, or if the user in question’s gun is bugged in some way.

While Modern Warfare players were calling for a nerf to the .357 Snake Shot, we’re not sure that alternate shots are what they had in mind. 

Infinity Ward are yet to comment on the state of the .357 or respond to the post, but Reddit responses indicate a number of people are unhappy with the way the gun is now performing. 

Call of Duty

MP5 nerfed in Black Ops Cold War Nov 18 update: patch notes

Published: 18/Nov/2020 19:58 Updated: 18/Nov/2020 21:13

by Albert Petrosyan


A small update released in Black Ops Cold War on November 18 has nerfed the MP5 submachine gun, which had come under scrutiny from the Call of Duty player-base for allegedly being too overpowered.

There’s no doubting that the MP5 has been the most dominant SMG in Black Ops Cold War multiplayer since the game’s launch, as well as being one of the strongest guns overall.

With a good majority of the player-base being especially vocal about the MP5 in their complaints and feedback on social media, the developers have gone ahead and released a small balancing update for the weapon.

According to Treyarch, the MP5’s Base Effective Damage Range has been decreased by 33 percent, going from 15.24 meters at launch to 10.16 meters now. In addition, the initial recoil has also been “adjusted,” although the details about the exact recoil changes weren’t announced and its in-game stats don’t indicate any differences, as of yet.

Treyarch Lead Game Designer, Tony Flame, issued a follow-up announcement to let players know that this November 18 balancing update was only for the MP5 and no other weapon.

A larger tuning patch, one that will likely buff or nerf several guns, won’t be coming until Season 1 of Black Ops Cold War kicks off on December 10.

Keep in mind that all BOCW weapons will be added to Warzone on that day, so expect there to be a lot of changes across the board.

What other weapons could be nerfed next in BOCW?

While all of this is no more than speculation, for now, there are some guns in multiplayer that have stood out as ones that need some touching up soon.

The two main ones are the M16 and AUG Tactical Rifles, both of which are burst-fire weapons and have proven to be especially lethal, sometimes even killing enemies in a single burst.

M16 Black Ops Cold War
Could the M16 be next in line to receive a nerf in Black Ops Cold War?

The other area of focus is the sniper rifle category, as players have grown increasingly frustrated with how easy snipers can be to use in this game while still providing game-changing amounts of damage.

There are a couple of suggestions floating out there for what Treyarch should do regarding this matter. Some argue that aim assist should be reduced or completely removed on snipers, while others contend that there should be more flinch implemented to make them harder to shoot back with when under fire.