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Modern Warfare players stunned by insane Azhir Cave wallbang spot

Published: 10/Mar/2020 11:34

by Jacob Hale


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players have been left stunned at a ludicrous wallbang spot on the popular Azhir Cave map that has to be seen to be believed.

Wallbanging, or bullet penetration, is a part of any FPS game. Certain materials or walls are made penetrable, so players have to be cautious when taking cover behind them, but there are just certain instances where it shouldn’t happen.


While there are a number of bizarre bugs evident in Modern Warfare and people are still finding new features every day, this one is definitely something that needs to be looked at.

Azhir Cave is an official competitive map in the Call of Duty League.

While playing Hardpoint on Azhir Cave and pushing towards the fifth hill on the map, Reddit user TheUnknownballer2 seemed to die from behind – but there didn’t appear to be anyone there.


It wasn’t until he saw the killcam that he realized his opponent was actually in the cave on the other side of the map, with no real view of UnknownBaller.

However, that wasn’t an issue, as his opponent did what any great Call of Duty player would do: he shot through the mountain. Somehow, the entire mountain is penetrable, and although it should have taken some time for the opposing team to get round to defend the point, it appears you can just shoot through the cave and hope for the best.

Didn’t know you could wallbang a mountain from r/modernwarfare

Obviously, this just shouldn’t be happening. With players in the comments experiencing an inability to shoot through things that seem they should be penetrable, such as sheet metal or even car windows, getting kills through thick rocks seems a little unfair.


This is something the Infinity Ward developers might have to look into, especially with other players commenting that they’ve experienced the exact same thing. They will be hoping that its something that will be fixed sooner rather than later.

Call of Duty

Modern Warfare & Warzone update nerfs AS VAL & SP-R: Patch notes

Published: 8/Oct/2020 17:13 Updated: 8/Oct/2020 18:26

by Theo Salaun


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone’s October 8 update has quickly nerfed the overpowered rounds on Season 6’s new AS VAL and SP-R 208 weapons, while fixing a bizarre Warzone bug. Check out the full patch notes below.

In one of CoD’s quicker patches, Infinity Ward have officially fixed the SP-R 208 and AS VAL shenanigans players have experienced since Season 6 deployed on September 28. In this patch, which IW had alluded to in recent days, the developers fixed the AS VAL’s absurd bullet penetration with its SSP 10-R mags and completely overhauled the SP-R’s hitscan dominance.


The SKS marksman rifle also received a light tweak, but, more importantly for Warzone enthusiasts, the bugged interaction between the subway’s fast travel system and Verdansk’s gas has been fixed.

AS VAL and SP-R nerfs

The AS VAL’s SSP 10-R mags let it shoot through walls upon walls and the SP-R’s .300 Norma mag and .338 Lapua mags let it essentially shoot as a hitscan sniper up to 450 meters. As such, Season 6’s AR was a nightmare in multiplayer and the marksman rifle was some sort of hybrid HDR-meets-Kar98k monstrosity.


Both of those issues have been abruptly adjusted, following recent confirmations from Infinity Ward that they would be tackling the overpowered weapons sooner than later.

While the AS VAL’s change was a simple one, just removing the ability to shoot through multiple walls, the SP-R has also gone through a number of changes aimed at balancing it more appropriately for Verdansk gameplay.

Warzone Subway bug fix

When Season 6 dropped, it came with a new, subterranean fast-travel system in the form of a subway that moves around the entire map. Unfortunately, players quickly realized that the underground transport could also bring you to an undeserved victory as the system could be abused to ignore the gas while your opponents on the surface coughed to death.


That issue has now been resolved in the October 8 update, with players within the subway no longer untouched by the battle royale’s toxic gas. This is tremendous news for those who want to play the game without worrying about ‘sewer rats’ exploiting a major bug. In combination with the nerfs to the AS VAL and SP-R, this patch should be a community favorite.

SP-R 208 Warzone loadout
Activision / Infinity Ward
The SP-R 208 turned Warzone into sniper glint-filled chaos.

Modern Warfare & Warzone October 8 patch notes


  • Fixed an issue where players could survive in the gas while staying on the subway fast-travel system




  • Fixed a bug where the SSP 10-R mags could allow bullet penetration through multiple walls

SP-R 208

  • Increase to flinch
  • Minor reduction to ADS speed
  • Variable zoom scope: moved weapon closer to player while ADSing, small reduction to ADS speed
  • .300 Norma mag and .338 Lapua mags: reduction to bullet velocity, reduction to ADS speed


  • Small reduction to ADS speed for variable zoom scopes