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Modern Warfare players are upset with latest Ground War update

Published: 4/Mar/2020 2:19

by Alan Bernal


The Modern Warfare community wants the devs to reinstate the popular Realism Ground War playlist after the latest patch removed it from the game.

Taking cues from the campaign, Realism modes get rid of the HUD as well as the minimap during a game. The variant gives the game a much more grounded and intense feel to regular matchmaking in the stripped-down playlist.

Instead, after the March 3 update, players now have the new Boots on the Ground War but without the Realism rulesets that players loved.

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Realism strips the game from most of Modern Warfare’s HUD elements.

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Now a portion of the community has been speaking out against the change since it doesn’t give them a playlist to experience the intense action of the huge hardcore mode.


“Realism was a fun mix of core and hardcore with the headshots, and I really enjoyed the gunfights and outplaying someone due to the increased headshot damage,” Reddit user ‘macpopi’ said. “Played the hell out of that mode, and now it’s gone. Guess it’s back to hardcore. RIP Realism GW, you will be missed.”

The player said that removing the mode was a “mistake,” and they weren’t the only person to think that following the game’s big March 3 update.

Infinity Ward
Modern Warfare players have come to appreciate Realism’s high stakes gameplay.

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Another user named ‘ThunderousBandit87’ mirrored the sentiments by saying: “Damn right. Was so pissed when I was trying to find a match earlier. Easily the best mode they’ve had. Needs to be a permanent option.”


Initially, Infinity Ward planned to keep the Realism rulesets alive in Boots on the Ground War, but people were surprised to see that they later took them out after the latest update.

That decision has caused a rift for a lot of players looking to get a more immersed Call of Duty experience, which other modes scarcely provide.

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Infinity Ward
The March 3 update took out Realism rules from the Boots on the Ground War playlist.

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“It was my new favourite mode by far, it may not have been for everyone but people that don’t mind lower health and having to play at a more careful pace appreciated it I’m sure,” user ‘MG995’ said about the Realism mode’s removal.


While there has to be some sacrifice by the devs to keep the Modern Warfare experience fresh with every update, this decision came to a shock to those who almost exclusively played the Realism mode.