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Modern Warfare player discovers a perfect way to deny Care Packages

Published: 15/May/2020 1:55 Updated: 18/May/2020 12:29

by Alan Bernal


Modern Warfare players are discovering killstreaks that come in Care Packages, like Juggernaut, can get blasted away to effectively deny them their upgrade.

Unlike most of the killstreaks someone can earn, the ones offloaded from a chopper are susceptible to their surroundings and aren’t an automatic pickup. This means that it can be affected by everything from environmental hazards and even other players.

As unfortunate as it is to have a package stuck atop of a building or elevated roof without a chance to recover it, it’s even more sinister when a player purposefully targets the incoming ordinance.


That was a tough lesson that user ‘Bwil34’ found out after finally getting their first Juggernaut while playing Hardpoint on Rust. The chaos of the close-quarter battlefield forced them to call down their kill streak in the corner of the map.

Rust is infamous for its close proximity, as a care package’s smoke in the sky can be easily spotted from any given vantage point on the map.

Another player must have got sight of Bwil34’s killstreak coming in, because moments after it was dangling in the sky, it was shot out of nowhere.

More accurately, someone must have used what was presumably a Strela-P to rip the falling crate away from its trajectory. The blast was enough to push it out of the map, forcing the player to look at it in dismay.


So I got my first juggernaut today, and… from modernwarfare

Unfortunately for the player, they were on the receiving end for one of the best ways to deny a Care Package from an unsuspecting opponent.

Pulling this off takes a few conditions to be met that includes lining up the shot, waiting for the timing, and hope the package is dropping close enough to the map’s side for the shot to force it out of play.

Bwil34 via Reddit
The missile took the Care Package with it outside of Rust’s boundries.

But on a map like Rust, where the only reliable safe spots to call in a Care Package are on specific corners of the map and dead center of the middle highrise, players can easily deny these kinds of killstreaks.


This has to be one of the worst ways to lose out on a Juggernaut in Modern Warfare, so make sure to give your care package a ton of cover then next time you call it in.