Modern Warfare leaker claims to reveal details on Battle Royale, DLC weapons and more

An infamous Call of Duty leaker has posted a slew of new information about the upcoming Modern Warfare, which he claims to be direct from a source close to Infinity Ward, including information on battle royale, mini-map and more.

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Modern Warfare is now less than two months out from release, meaning the game’s finer points are now being finalized, but the developers have remained tight-lipped about many aspects, at least until the public beta begins on September 12.

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With so many burning questions in the community, fans have relied on leakers for their thirst for knowledge, and YouTuber TheGamingRevolution (TGR) has already provided some accurate details ahead of official confirmation.

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Call of DutyFans will get their first chance to experience full multiplayer in Modern Warfare in the beta on September 12, first on PS4.

On September 2, the YouTuber answered a series of questions from excited fans about the new game, claiming that his source at or close to Infinity Ward would provide answers where possible.

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It should be noted that this information cannot be verified, and so should be taken with a grain of salt. However, as mentioned, TGR does have a somewhat consistent record of leaks.

Battle Royale in Modern Warfare?

According to TGR’s source, “Battle Royale is 100%” in Modern Warfare, “We considered dropping it from the game at one point, but we reworked it a ton, and we really think it’s going to stand out from other Battle Royale’s in its current state. More info soon.”

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DLC Weapons?

Black Ops 4 sparked an old controversy in Call of Duty by having DLC weapons only available in luck-based supply drops (loot boxes), and players are understandably desperate not to see the tactic employed in Modern Warfare too.

According to TGR’s source: “As of right now, we want all DLC weapons to come free for everyone. This may change though, you’ll have to ask Activision that one.”

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It was revealed at the Multiplayer event in August that Modern Warfare would not feature a traditional mini-map by default, a first for the franchise. However, according to the source, Infinity Ward are “definitely” open to reconsidering this following beta feedback.

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This lines up with what Art Director Joel Emslie has already confirmed though, so there isn’t much new here.

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The return of Clan Wars?

Clan Wars haven’t been seen in Call of Duty since Advanced Warfare, but the source claims they are back for Modern Warfare. Unfortunately, they give no further details.

Will there be a firing range?

Not the Black Ops 1 map – this is referring to the firing range that was available in games like WWII and Modern Warfare Remastered, where you could practice with your classes in the lobby.

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However, with the ability to edit classes mid-game now available in Modern Warfare, this firing range feature was deemed unnecessary, the source claims. Unfortunately, the source didn’t comment on the possibility of theater mode.

3rd person mode?

Modern Warfare 2 featured the only third-person perspective mode ever featured in CoD with ‘3rd person team tactical’ – it won’t be back in Modern Warfare though, the source claims.

Prestige levels

The source doesn’t give much away about the leveling system in Modern Warfare multiplayer, but claims that there will be 55 levels per prestige.

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Other details leaked include the ability to prestige weapons, confirmation that all weapon camos are currently ‘realistic’ and that ‘Red Tiger’ is back, and that Nuke’s will game-ending, like in MW2.

Again, all of these details are not confirmed, and as the game is still in development, even if true it is all subject to change.

Modern Warfare releases on October 25 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. 

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