Modern Warfare leak shows Warzone battle royale will support 200 players

. 2 years ago
Infinity Ward

A glitched menu in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has revealed a new glimpse at the unreleased Warzone battle royale mode, which apparently will support up to 200 players in a single lobby.

The hype surrounding Modern Warfare’s battle royale has been at an all-time high in recent days after the launch of Season 2 led to a flurry of leaks about the unreleased mode.

It seems like every day now a new leak or glitch sheds further light on Warzone that’s supposedly coming soon, even though Infinity Ward and Activision haven’t officially announced or even acknowledged it.

Infinity Ward
The Modern Warfare Season 2 cinematic may have revealed the Warzone battle royale map.

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The latest leak comes courtesy of a glitch within the game itself, as a player who loaded into MW noticed that the new tab that was previously locked and labeled as ‘Classified’ in the main menu was instead showing the BR’s alleged name and was fully accessible.

Under Warzone, there was a description of the mode revealing that it supports up to 200 players – a detail that had previously only been seen in unofficial leaks and never actually in-game. If true, this would make Warzone the largest-scale BR in terms of player-count.

The description was in German; when translated to English, it read: “Plunge into a unique battle with up to 200 other players to leave the battle as the last survivor.”

Infinity Ward / Twitter - @Fameless_zero
Leaked Modern Warfare Warzone description: “Plunge into a unique battle with up to 200 other players to leave the battle as the last survivor.”

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The player also posted a video of it on Twitter, showing how the previously-locked new middle tab was showing as Warzone on his screen.

When he scrolled over to the tab, it started playing a cinematic in the background much like the other main menu options for the campaign, multiplayer, and Spec-Ops.

The short little scenes shown in the background video all looked like classic battle royale content: players dropping out of a plane onto the map, characters armed with guns traveling in squads, and a zoomed out shot of the large-scale map.

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As mentioned above, this is far from the first in-game leak we’ve seen for Modern Warfare’s Warzone battle royale. On February 13, actual gameplay footage of the mode was posted online after a similar glitch was allowing players to access and even play a little bit of the BR.

The footage revealed some important details about the mode’s features and mechanics, such as Drop Kits, Plunder, the full list of purchasable equipment, as well as the five types of vehicles, various modes, and more.

As for when Warzone will be released, no one seems to know that yet since there’s been no official word from Infinity Ward or Activision. However, the speculation is that it’ll be launched sooner rather than later, considering all of the leaks that have surfaced and where we are in the game’s life cycle.

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