Modern Warfare leak reveals Village map may not be a remake after all

Call of Duty Modern Warfare's Village mapr/ModernWarfare

One of the next maps to arrive in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Village, won’t actually be a remake of the original MW3 classic, data miners have revealed. 

Following a playlist update on April 3, it was all but confirmed two new places to play – Village and Backlot – were going to be added to the game soon. Loading graphics for both of them could be seen in the menus, as reported by CharlieIntel.

That news led many fans to believe this would be the return of two classic maps, continuing Infinity Ward’s rollout of remade versions, including Rust and Shipment.

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Infinity Ward
Here is Village’s layout from MW3, which looks very different to the leaked version in Modern Warfare.

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However, a new leak has potentially debunked those presumptions, claiming that Village will actually be something we’ve never seen before.

In a post to the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare subreddit, user Senescallo has posted a graphic found in the game’s files, showing the size of the map.

They said: “Season 3’s Village is not a Modern Warfare 3 Remake,” accompanied by a graphic of the map. As many Modern Warfare 3 players will remember, Village didn’t have the same layout. In fact, it’s very different.

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As for what the map will look like, all eyes are now turned to Infinity Ward and their official announcements. However, we have seen leaked images of the new Village surface in the past.

The same leaker had previously revealed images of the two maps on the subreddit, and they have since been spotted in-game, seen in the loading screens.

Now we have a better idea of what Village may look like – as always, take leaks with a pinch of salt – it remains to be seen if Backlot will also be given a shakeup as well. The plot thickens.

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