Call of Duty

Modern Warfare invisible collision bug nerfs Chopper Gunner

by David Purcell
Infinity Ward


Chopper Gunners aren't working as they should be in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and while some players are starting to think it's something Infinity Ward have intentionally changed, they've actually noted it as a major issue in game. 

The developers actually confirmed it to be an issue back in January, according to their Trello board, stating that it would be sorted out in a future update, but even more footage of the bug has surfaced online.

Bugs are part and parcel of every game, whether that be from an up and coming development team or one being worked on by some of the most established around, although there's no doubt that players will want this one fixing soon.

Infinity Ward
The Chopper Gunner bug has been spotted recently in Verdansk, although it's seemingly not just happening in one map.


The issue, for those who haven't seen it, involves players calling in the 10 elimination killstreak at the E flag – causing an "invisible collision" in the air.

When called in, instead of allowing the player to have the helicopter fly all the way around the map and have a chance of hitting loads of targets, it just stays in one specific area for a limited time before flying away.

Reddit user MrGoobanich posted about the problem on February 10, saying: "Anybody else experience this chopper gunner glitch? Won’t let me move out from behind the cranes by E on Port of Verdansk. Happened to me twice today."


Still, with the Chopper restricted to just a tight area of the map, they managed to pick up a handful of kills after calling it in, but nowhere near as many as what they could have had.

The post did cause some confusion for players in the thread, however, with some convinced that this wasn't an actual bug, but instead a change of how Chopper Gunners now work in Modern Warfare.

One said: "Thought it just gave you an operational radius from where you called it in," while another posted: "I wonder if the crane you're on is in an out of bounds area for the chopper, causing you to glitch just outside of the play area?"


What we do know, however, is that Infinity Ward has noted it as something to fix in the future. With that being said, it's been noted as a "known issue" and something to be included in a future patch since January 7.

Whether or not a fix is on the way in the immediate future remains to be seen, but players clearly won't be getting the best out of their hard-fought killstreaks in the meantime.