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Modern Warfare glitch leaks vehicles & modes for Warzone battle royale

Published: 14/Feb/2020 1:19 Updated: 14/Feb/2020 13:39

by Alan Bernal


A glitch in Modern Warfare is giving players access to the previously-leaked battle royale called Warzone, revealing new information on the vehicles, modes and more.

Clues about Infinity Ward’s BR component to their Call of Duty game have been rapidly increasing since the Season 2 patch update on February 11. The mode’s existence is all but official now, especially after gameplay footage was leaked of a player exploring Warzone.

Activision have since taken down the video via copyright strikes, but more players have reportedly been gaining access to the mode’s main menu via a glitch in the game.

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Modern Warfare battle royale modes

The most prominent aspect of the leak were the modes listed for Warzone that will let players different approaches to the battle royale.

In-game screenshots taken by Twitter user ‘CaptainBadfoot’ showed that there will be Trios mode as well as a Squads, the latter having the classic ‘fill’ or ‘no fill’ option that’s been customary in most battle royales.

A permanent trios mode was popularized by Apex Legends and briefly featured in Fortnite LTMs. Now it’s going to get another chance as a game type in Modern Warfare’s iteration of the genre.

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What vehicles are in Warzone?

Vehicles were a big part of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Blackout battle royale mode, and it appears Infinity Ward are continuing that trend. Another leaked in-game image revealed that there could be five different types of vehicles in Warzone:


  • ATV
  • SUV
  • Heli
  • Cargo Truck
  • Tac Rover

While this is far from an official confirmation, it does make it likelier that Warzone will feature aerial warfare in addition to land-based battle, and maybe even some water as well.


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The details revealed through this glitch adds to the tons of information that are already available for Warzone. Earlier, leaked gameplay footage showed how some of the game’s features will work, such as the Plunder currency, Drop Kits, purchasable Equipment, and more.

Of course, Infinity Ward and Activision have still not announced or even acknowledged this mode. However, they’ve gone to great lengths to get all of the leaks taken down, both on YouTube and Twitter, and have even banned the player who posted these screenshots online.


Some have interpreted this effort that the devs and publishers have been putting into suppressing all of the leaked content as an indirect admission that there indeed is a battle royale mode coming to Modern Warfare.

At this point, the question has turned from if to when.