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Modern Warfare exploit gives two Care Packages for the price of one

Published: 29/Nov/2019 0:52

by Brad Norton


A newly discovered exploit in Modern Warfare highlights how players can double up on Care Package drops each and every time they call one in. 

Since the release of Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare on October 25, there has been no shortage of quirky bugs and ridiculous glitches throughout the multiplayer component of the FPS title. 

On November 28, an absurdly efficient exploit has been uncovered that allows players to call in two Care Package streaks while actually only having to earn one. 

Infinity Ward - Modern WarfareThe Care Package is one of the cheapest killstreaks in all of Modern Warfare, requiring only four consecutive eliminations.
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A post from Reddit user ‘Rumorhaslt’ demonstrated just how the ridiculous exploit can be implemented throughout any game mode across any map.


After having earned a single Care Package killstreak through four consecutive eliminations, an EMP Drone Field Upgrade is surprisingly all that is needed to replicate the lucky-dip streak.

Calling in an EMP Drone directly overhead and then throwing out the Care Package grenade at the right moment, will disable your HUD and provide you with a fresh Care Package to use once more. 

Duplicate care package exploit – posting in hopes that it will be patched quicker. from modernwarfare

While obviously a risky endeavor due to the associated damage that comes from directly absorbing the EMP Drone strike, it would definitely be advisable to find a secluded area before employing the trick.

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Being able to double up on the Care Package obviously provides players with much greater odds of securing a top-tier killstreak in the middle of a match. From a VTOL Jet to a Gunship, accessing such devastating streaks without actually having to earn the associated kills is a huge benefit.


There’s no denying just how powerful this exploit can be, especially considering how rapidly the EMP Drone Field Upgrade recharges throughout battle. Players are able to manipulate the Care Package streak essentially every time without fail, making this one of the most powerful bugs in the game to date.

Infinity Ward - Modern WarfareThe EMP Drone Field Upgrade deactivates all electronic devices in range for a short period of time.
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If you’ve never been the type to select the Care Package as one of your three killstreaks when entering any given match, this new exploit won’t do much to change that. However, it’s absolutely crucial to keep in mind when grinding out public matches. If you see an EMP Drone being called in on an obscure location, there’s a good chance that two Care Packages could be up for grabs.


Infinity Ward has been quick to address a number of critical issues since the release of Modern Warfare, so there’s a good chance that this exploit is taken care of before things really get out of hand in public matches.