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Modern Warfare devs reveal upcoming changes – Riot Shields, killfeed, more

Published: 26/Nov/2019 14:09 Updated: 26/Nov/2019 14:16

by Joe Craven


Infinity Ward developers Joe Cecot and Ashton Williams have revealed a number of Modern Warfare features they are working on adjusting, going into upcoming patches. 

Since Modern Warfare’s release on October 25, fans have quickly identified a number of aspects they want adjusting. These include skill-based matchmaking, dead silence as a field upgrade, and the absence of prestiging. 

On November 25, Joe Cecot and Ashton Williams, Co-Design Director of Multiplayer and Senior Communications Manager respectively, confirmed a number of changes they are working on ahead of upcoming Modern Warfare updates.

Infinity Ward
Infinity Ward
Dead Silence is one of the biggest community complaints so far.

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Arguably the most important changes revealed were those to Riot Shields, and the game’s obituary – commonly known as the kill feed. 


Riot Shields are fairly common in Infinity Ward games, but many players feel they are overpowered in Modern Warfare; offering too much cover and not enough opportunity for enemies to land their shots. 

Joe Cecot confirmed that nerfs are on their way, particularly relating to their ability to protect players from explosives. Many players have noticed that Riot Shields make players invulnerable to the game’s semtex grenades. 

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Also, Cecot responded to another Twitter user to confirm that kill feed adjustments are on their way, but may not be completed quickly enough to make the next patch. 


Some community members have complained that the kill feed sometimes goes by too quickly, or glitches and fades before it should do. 

Changes have already been made to the kill feed, removing messages about players ranking up and avenging teammates. This was removed to stop breaking up the kill feed and preventing players hitting feeds. 

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Other bugs were also confirmed as being investigated. Ashton Williams confirmed that they are investigating glitches in Gunfight mode, which registers matches as losses even before they have been played. 

This has been particularly pertinent in Modern Warfare of late, given the 10k 2v2 Gunfight tournament. 


She also confirmed they are investigating a glitch which is preventing players from being able to bypass the main menu after completing the latest update. 

Some players have reported being stuck in a cycle at the main menu, constantly being told that “Game Update Successful”. 

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The final areas they confirmed to be investigated are the volume of certain killstreaks – namely the VTOL Jet and the Precision Airstrike, as well as minor glitches regarding challenges not tracking correctly. 

Fans will be pleased to see the changes coming, particularly to Riot Shields and the kill feed. 

The absence of adjustments to SBMM and Dead Silence are likely to strike a chord however, as they are two of the community’s biggest demands. However, just because they are not being looked at currently, does not mean we won’t see changes in the near future.