Modern Warfare devs respond to overpowered slide-cancel movement exploit

Albert Petrosyan
Infinity Ward

A lot of Call of Duty players have been complaining about the broken slide canceling movement in Modern Warfare and developers Infinity Ward have finally offered some news regarding the exploit.

Every year, when a new Call of Duty game gets released, one of the first things players do is look for any exploits or overpowered mechanics that can give them an advantage.

In Modern Warfare, the slide-canceling movement technique allows players to slide but end their movement just in time to avoid the small recovery phase at the end. Thus, instead of that slight delay, they can instantly come out of the slide aiming down sights and catch players off guard.

The slide-cancel movement exploit gives players a huge advantage in gunfights.

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While this exploit has probably been in the game since day one, it’s gotten a lot more attention in recent weeks due to several high-profile pro players discussing it on Twitter and making videos on how to do it, which has led to an increase in player complaints.

Infinity Ward’s response to slide-canceling

On January 10, as part of their first Modern Warfare Community Update, Infinity Ward unveiled their new Trello page to better communicate with players about what bugs, glitches, and issues were being looked into.

Right away, slide-cancel was added to the tracker and marked as “Fixed in a future update,” which means that there is a fix in place and it will be rolled out in one of the upcoming patches.

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Now that Infinity Ward have confirmed that they’re not only investigating slide-canceling but have found a fix for it, the only question that remains is when will it be implemented in the game.

According to one user on Reddit, this process may take longer than players realize, despite the fact that it’s marked in green.

“Just because you see something green doesn’t mean that it will immediately get pushed into the update,” the Redditer wrote. “Depending on the type of patch required, it can be fixed either through a game playlist update, or the game itself needs to be patched.”

Whether this user’s comment is correct or not, the timing of when this fix will be implemented does end up being at the discretion of Infinity Ward and publishers Activision, who undoubtedly play a role in getting updates pushed through.

For now, players will have to endure slide-canceling for a bit longer, but at least everyone can rest assured that the exploit will likely get fixed sooner rather than later.