Modern Warfare devs respond to issues with matchmaking latency

Matt Porter
Infinity Ward

Modern Warfare developers Infinity Ward have responded to complaints about the game’s matchmaking system, after it appeared that players with much lower latency were placed against those with worse connections.

Matchmaking has been a hot topic amongst the Call of Duty community, with many believing that Infinity Ward have included skill-based matchmaking in the game – much to the frustration of many players who believe it makes the game worse.

For some though, the biggest problem they encounter when joining matches is the connection to other players, as Reddit user Lolsrofl revealed on December 9 when they posted an image of a lobby they found themselves in.

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In the images, Lolsrofl finds themself in a team where the lowest latency, which is how long it takes data to reach you from the online game is 123ms, with many sitting around the 130ms mark, and the player themselves on 205ms.

For the other team, however, four players have less than 20ms of latency, while the other two sit at 90ms and 133ms respectively, a stark difference and a clear advantage for the opposing team.

Don’t expect to see these issues remain in the game for too long though, as Infinity Ward’s Aston ‘VULCUN’ Williams commented that it had been “due to a bug in the patch system,” which saw players who didn’t properly download the latest patch were not being matchmade with the large player base, leading to smaller pools of players and lobbies like this.

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The good news is that Infinity Ward are not only aware of the issue, but are actively rolling out a fix to address it, alongside some tweaks to their patching system that should stop instances like this from reoccurring in the future.

Unfortunately, the developers didn’t confirm when this process would be completed, but with the fix already rolling it, it seems like it shouldn’t be long before the problem is addressed completely, and lobbies like this are a thing of the past.