Modern Warfare devs apparently reveal surprising reason for removing minimap

Infinity Ward

One of the most controversial things about multiplayer reveal event on August 1, Modern Warfare will be the first Call of Duty game to not feature any kind of minimap as part of the base game. 

This is a major move for the franchise, as checking the map in the corner of the screen has become second nature to fans of the first-person shooter.

ActivisionModern Warfare will be the first CoD game to not feature a minimap.
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While Infinity Ward have refrained from revealing the reason behind the tool’s removal, YouTuber XclusiveAce, who got early access to the game, has revealed what could be the reason for the minimap’s untimely demise.

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In a clip from XclusiveAce’s stream, he states that other players who attended the event were apparently told that the minimap was removed in the hopes of making the game easier for new players, and also provided an update on whether we could see one implemented before the game’s release.

“Is there any chance that it will have a minimap when the game launches?” read XclusiveAce from his chat. “I think so.”

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“I just don’t understand the reasoning behind it,” Ace explained, “some people were saying that the devs had told them that the reason that they took the minimap out was to make it easier for newer and more casual players, because pubstompers are able to dominate so much with a minimap.

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“So they’re trying to essentially close that skill gap and nerf people down, which is effectively what it will do.”

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While this may be the reason, it’s worth taking this information with a pinch of salt, as Infinity Ward have yet to give an official response to the questions regarding the future of the fan favorite tool.

What they have said though, is that they will listen to community feedback once players have tried the game out for themselves in the beta.

Based on every indication so far though, it would appear to be unwise to expect a major switch in thoughts from the developers about the minimap, so prepare for the high chance that Modern Warfare will launch in October with no map on your screen – unless you earn a Personal Radar or UAV.

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