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Call of Duty

Modern Warfare player “bends” Cruise Missile for insane multi-kill

Published: 7/Nov/2019 2:03 Updated: 7/Nov/2019 2:29

by Alan Bernal


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players have been getting creative with how they use the game’s arsenal – leading on players to find an inventive way to net a multi-kill with the Cruise Missile.

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Infinity Ward launched their soft reboot of the legendary Modern Warfare series on October 25, and since then players have drained hundreds of hours mastering every weapon in the game from the various rifles, SMGs, and Killstreaks.

But players quickly found that some loadouts are much more effective than others, especially considering there are maps in the game which completely negate aerial Killstreaks such as the Chopper Gunner and the like.


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Infinity WardThe Cruise Missile is actually really maneuverable with a bit of creativity.

Players know by now that Azhir Cave will give them a hard time if they’re carrying air-to-ground Killstreaks, seeing as the taverns covers a good chunk of the map’s layout.

While some players might prefer to unequip streak rewards like the Cruise Missile to avoid that predicament, Reddit user ‘JetexGM’ decided to get a bit tricky with theirs for an insane multi-kill.

“I wanna bend it like Beckham” from r/modernwarfare

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After launching their Killstreak, the player noticed most of the opposing side were holed up inside the taverns.

“Damn it, they’re all in the caves,” the player said as they showed a clip showing how to get a Cruise Missile deep inside the caves of the map. “I wanna bend it like Beckham. You ready for this?”


At the realization, they banked the missile to make a hard-right swerve, before getting a perfect angle to navigate the armament parallel to the ground.

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Infinity WardSome players held inside of Azhir Cave’s taverns probably weren’t expecting to be met with a Cruise Missile.

Then it was a simple matter of getting as deep inside the taverns as possible before making contact to really push the Cruise Missile behind enemy lines.

The player’s ingenuity was immediately rewarded with a 5x Multi-Kill that cleared out the entrance of the cave while making some players a believer in miracles.

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As far as impressive Cruise Missile kills go, this would definitely rank at the top especially since it took both players and spectators for a surprise.


Even though JetexGM’s play was a unique feat of creativity, it’s sure to inspire more CoD players to find new ways of manipulating straightforward Killstreaks.