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Call of Duty

Modern Warfare Battle Royale ‘Warzone’ could be revealed very soon

Published: 23/Feb/2020 15:47 Updated: 23/Feb/2020 16:01

by Joe Craven


A new rumor suggests that the leaked battle royale game mode for Call of Duty, known as ‘Warzone’, could be revealed at PAX East at the end of February or start of March 2020. 

PAX East – short for Penny Arcade Expo – will take place from February 27 to March 1 2020. It is the latest in a long line of PAX events, with multiple installments of the gaming festival taking place every single year. 

The upcoming PAX East has already seen PlayStation pull out over fears of Coronavirus, meaning any fans wanting The Last of Us II gameplay are down on their luck. However, a new rumor suggests that CoD fans might be able to get excited. 


Modern Warfare Season 2 cinematic.
This Modern Warfare cinematic may have revealed the first look at the Warzone battle royale map.

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News surrounding Warzone is scarce at best, with Activision keen to clamp down on any leaks. They are even pursuing legal action against a Reddit user who originally leaked the battle royale mode. 

These rumors come by way of a Twitter account with the handle ‘ModernWarzone’. 

According to that account, one booth at PAX East, which will be used by Activision for Call of Duty, has no clear purpose, and is not listed as a Modern Warfare booth. 

This has prompted speculation that it will be used to reveal Warzone, which is thought to be a standalone battle royale mode, and not intrinsically linked to 2019’s Modern Warfare. 


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Further to this, the booth listed as only Call of Duty will allegedly share a space with PUBG, the well-known battle royale game. 

The suggestion that PAX East will be the venue for the reveal of Warzone would line up with reports that indicate an early March release date is lined up.

However, the Twitter user speculates that the space is too small for a Warzone reveal, which would suggest a full reveal before PAX East, and that the shared booth will simply be used for people to get their hands on some gameplay. 

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It goes without saying that there is no confirmation we will see Warzone at PAX East, or before. While it is correct that Call of Duty will be present, the non-Modern Warfare booth could be used for multiple other things, such as a CDL related area. 

While Warzone’s arrival seems imminent, Activision’s austerity towards leaks means it’s incredibly difficult to discern accurate information from fiction.

This will likely remain the case, at least until Activision have decided it’s the right time for some concrete information.