Modern Warfare battle royale leak: Warzone, map locations, vehicles

Matt Porter
Infinity Ward

Following the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 2 launch on February 11, which appeared to tease a brand-new battle royale mode being introduced to the game, leakers have released new images from the mode apparently named “Warzone.”

Players who downloaded the v1.14 update for the popular first-person shooter were greeted with a new option on the main menu labeled simply as “Classified,” with players unable to enter this mode at the moment.

The Season 2 trailer also featured teasers that hinted towards the arrival of the long-rumored battle royale mode, which appeared to show a group of four players heading into a reworked version of classic Modern Warfare 2 map Terminal as they searched for victories in the upcoming mode.

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Possible Modern Warfare battle royale name

Following the release of the trailer, data miners and leakers have started to release more information about the mode, giving us a look at some of the art from the battle royale, locations on the map, and revealing a possible name.

An image uploaded to the /r/ModernWarfare subreddit on February 11 claimed to have found the key art ahead of the mode’s release, showing a group of the game’s characters standing on top of a helicopter and destroyed vehicles, with the name “Call of Duty Warzone” appearing behind them. The user has since deleted their account, but you can view the image below.

Leaked image claiming to show Call of Duty's Warzone mode.
An image appeared on Reddit claiming the mode would be called Warzone.

Call of Duty leaker TheGamingRevolution also threw his weight behind the name, writing that it was legitimately “the name of the battle royale mode in Modern Warfare.” He also claimed that it was the name that David Vonderhaar originally wanted to use for Blackout in Black Ops 4.

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First look at Modern Warfare’s Warzone

TheGamingRevolution also uploaded a number of images taken from the game’s files which show some of the locations where players will do battle, along with Modern Warfare characters driving vehicles or practicing.

One picture shows a location named Quarry, a sprawling area with a long tunnel located somewhere on the battle royale map, although exact names and map references remain unknown.

Call of Duty fans who played Blackout will remember the quad bikes that Treyarch included to help competitors rotate around the map, and it appears that the vehicles return in Warzone. Another image shows a squad using them to move around, with two players driving and the others perched on the back.

Finally, it seems like there will be a training area to help players get accustomed to the new mode, with TheGamingRevolution referring to it as the “Armistice Training Facility.”

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As for when Warzone will release, TheGamingRevolution admits he has received no word on a date, but was told that it would arrive “much sooner than you expect,” with the YouTuber suggesting that we could see it as early as February 12.

With the mode now believed to be in the game as “Classified,” and teasers appearing in the official Season 2 trailer, it seems like Call of Duty fans won’t have too long to wait before the can hope into the mode in search of victories.