MLG Releases OpTic Comms Just Before Reverse Sweeping eUnited in the CWL Pro League

It should be well-noted at this point that you should never count the OpTic Gaming Call of Duty roster out when faced with adversity.

After first matching up against eUnited in early June to kick off their run in Stage Two of the CWL Pro League, OpTic Gaming ultimately lost the matchup 3-1 in one of their first series’ as a new roster.

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The loss sparked some debates between community members regarding the strength of the new OpTic roster at the time, with the Green Wall subsequently falling to Rise Nation 3-0 in their next matchups.

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When going head-to-head against eUnited once again in the last series of week seven, OpTic dug themselves into a hole by falling behind 0-2 after their opponent mounted a major comeback in the first Hardpoint, along with a 6-4 win on Search and Destroy.

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However, even with their backs against the wall and the potential to be swept by eUnited, OpTic Gaming remained calm as ever and managed to claw their way back into the series and ultimately reverse-sweep eU.

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