MiDNiTE explains why she’s leaving OpTic Gaming after 10 years

Albert Petrosyan
OpTic MiDNiTE - YouTube

Popular Call of Duty content creator MiDNiTE has announced that she is leaving OpTic Gaming following the recent takeover of the organization by Immortals Gaming Club.

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After spending nearly 10 years representing the organization, MiDNiTE announced her departure from OpTic on July 31, calling it the “final day being a member both on paper and in my heart.”

In a post she published on Twitter, the YouTuber cited the changes in OpTic as the reason for her decision to part ways, confirming that the upcoming CWL Championship will be the final event where she will cheer for her former org.

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In her post, she thanked everyone for their support, and especially CEO Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez for believing in her.

“Huge thank you to H3CZ for always believing in me, being a mentor to me, and most importantly, being a brother to me,” she wrote. “I would not be the person I am today without his guidance, vision, and hilarious laugh.”

MiDNiTE had been a member of OpTic Gaming for close to 10 years.
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MiDNiTE also posted a video to go along with her announcement, in which she talked more in-depth about her reasons for leaving OpTic.

“OpTic is changing, and it’s going to change more in the future,” she explained. “That alone, that huge shift, it’s not me. I don’t really want that. It’s too bad, but that’s how it is. That’s how the cookie crumbled.”

She also reassured her fans and supporters that parting ways with the Green Wall didn’t mean she was “done,” revealing that she had some plans in the works.

“I’m not done, that’s for freaking sure. I have some new plans, some new announcements that I’ll be making soon. I’m not just going to leave OpTic and ‘oh MiDNiTE is just floating around out there.’ I have purpose, I have things I want to do within the next few months, years, decades. I still want to be around esports and specifically Call of Duty.”

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MiDNiTE joined OpTic nearly 10 years ago, become the first female content creator to officially be part of the Green Wall. 

Since then, she’s grown into a household name within the Call of Duty community, amassing over 649,000 subscribers on YouTube and nearly 170,000 followers on Twitch. 

She was also ever-present at most CoD events, and could always be found in the crowd cheering her team, greeting and taking pictures with fans, and signing autographs.

MiDNiTE’s full post about her departure from OpTic can be found below: 

Wow Twitter, this is one tweet that I never thought I’d be typing out. Today is my final day being a member of OpTic Gaming, both on paper and in my heart.

So much has happened in the nearly 10 years that I have been a part of the OpTic family. I have met lifelong friends from being a part of this organization. I have created unforgettable videos and moments. I have watched my brothers/fellow OpTic members grow as people and creators. Watched the competitive team rise from nothing into the greatest dynasty CoD has ever seen. I spent my entire 20s in OpTic, I have grown so much as a person. This culture and the incredible highlights have truly formed me.

Huge thank you to H3CZ for always believing in me, being a mentor to me, and most importantly, being a brother to me. I would not be the person I am today without his guidance, vision and hilarious laugh. 

All things evolve and change, that’s life. Unfortunately, too much in OpTic has and will change. It’s strange to say, but CoD Champs 2019 will be the last time I cheer for OpTic Gaming as I know it. 

As for the future, I am definitely not done yet. I am still going to stream and be Midnite of course. I have some very exciting new plans, paths and announcements that I’ll make soon So stay tuned for that. 

Thank you to anyone/everyone who has enjoyed and supported my content over the years. Whether you used to watch me way back in MW2, or you continue to tune into my streams, just know that I appreciate you for making this last decade in OpTic incredible. Thank you #GreenWall 

Eyes forward

Much love,Ashley