Maven stunned after summit1g “smokes” him with insane Warzone shot

. 2 years ago
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Call of Duty veteran and CDL caster Clint ‘Maven’ Evans was stunned after Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar landed an insane shot on him at the start of a Warzone match.

Summit was parachuting into a pregame warmup of Infinity Ward’s new battle royale when he came across a lone player making his way through a nearby rooftop – a ripe opportunity for an early game heat check.

After confirming there was someone running by, summit equipped his Crossbow and pushed down the ADS barely long enough to still classify it as a quick-scope.

Modern Warfare
Gamers from all over have been jumping into Call of Duty: Warzone.

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At this point in the broadcast, the 1g was about halfway through a five-hour Modern Warfare stream and was starting to feel the burn of the high-energy entertainment he’s known for.

But after the screen confirmed that summit1g landed a killing blow on a player with the gameID ‘[Bald]Maven,’ a name that could be easily used by a fan of the well-known industry figure, he was instantly wide-eyed with astonishment.

“Imagine if that was the real Maven I just did that to,” summit1g said, an idea that would seemingly be too funny to be true.

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But if a fan of both streamers had the two live broadcasts playing on the same screen, then they would have a picture-in-picture view of summit’s insane shot and Maven’s ludicrous death – including his reaction.

The mouth-gaped Maven quickly regained his composure after he barely caught sight of a parachuting player just as he was killed in the game.

It didn’t take him long to realize that he’s “definitely playing against PC players because [he] just got smoked by summit mid-air.”

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Maven was visibly stunned seeing how he got killed. But when watching himself die a second time in the replay, he was audibly impressed after “summit just ‘s**t’ in [his] f***ing soul.”

The victim explained to his teammates that summit had let go of his chute to line up a perfect “crossbow [shot to] the forehead.”

Though streaming separately, summit still chuckled like he was seeing Maven’s reaction after getting hit with a dirty shot like that. Meanwhile, Maven was amazed at what he knew was just another entry in the former-CSGO pro’s long highlight reel.

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