Leaked Black Ops 4 gameplay footage shows TWO new powerful weapons coming soon

Two brand new weapons will be making their way into Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 soon, according to newly uncovered leaks.

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The two new weapons are the Ruger Mini-14 semi-automatic sniper rifle and the DemoHammer melee, which appears to be some sort of a combination of a shotgun and a giant hammer.

Information about both of these weapons was discovered in game files and leaked out on February 21 by Reddit user ‘Joshwoocool’, including short video clips showcasing both of the weapons in action.

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While some are speculating that the sniper rifle shown in the leaks is just a cosmetic variant of the SDM that’s already in the game, the leaked file itself is titled ‘core_frontend_sniper_mini14,’ pretty much confirming the weapon as brand new.

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As for the DemoHammer, although it’s shown to include a chamber for shotgun shells, the name of its file (core_frontend_melee_demohammer) confirms that the weapon will be of the melee category. 

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Of course, being that all of what’s been provided about these two new weapons have been from leaks, it’s best to treat the information as speculation until they’re officially confirmed by Treyarch and Activision.

However, judging by the content that’s been leaked, it’s pretty safe to assume that these weapons will be added to Black Ops 4 at some point.

The video themselves are professionally produced and appear very similar to the clips shown in the past for new weapon announcements.

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There are still questions that remain about these two new weapons, such as when will they be released and how will players be able to acquire them.

Make sure to monitor @DexertoINTEL and our Dexerto Call of Duty page as we will post any new information about the new weapons as it becomes available.