Kenny Shines in Team Kaliber Victory Over Unilad to Kick Off CWL Pro League Stage 2 Playoffs

Overwatch League

Team Kaliber made a statement in their opening match of the CWL Pro League Stage 2 Playoffs with a convincing 3-1 victory over Unilad.

Unilad put in some big performances to keep things competitive at times, but the European squad look largely outclassed by a Team Kaliber that took a mile for every inch given.

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Team Kaliber came out hot on Ardennes Forest Hardpoint, but a surge of form for Bradley ‘Wuskin’ Marshall was able to keep Unilad competitive. Kaliber’s Kenny ‘Kenny’ Williams responded with a dominant game of his own, however, breaking forty kills to lead tK to a 250-197 victory.

Kenny’s momentum carried into Sainte Marie du Mont SND with a statement of a first round, single-handedly denying Unilad’s opening push.

Team Kaliber kept up the aggression throughout the Search and Destroy, pushing a pace that Unilad struggled to match and ultimately taking it 6-3, stealing away a must-win game from the European side.

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The most competitive and thrilling map of the series was the third, Flak Tower CTF, which saw Unilad take a 2-0 lead initially before tK responded with two of their own in the second half. Both teams managed to hold on for the rest of regulation with some clutch plays on either side, forcing overtime.

Here it was Unilad’s Alex ‘Alexx’ Carpenter that came through, putting in a 13 kill-streak on his way to a 40-kill game to help Unilad hold onto the 3-2 lead that they took in the first half of OT.

Unfortunately, Unilad’s third-map heroics only bought them a stay of execution, as Team Kaliber put in their most dominant performance of the series on the fourth and final map. Sainte Marie du Mont Hardpoint, to close out the series 3-1.

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Team Kaliber advances to the winner-bracket semi-finals, where they will face the winner between OpTic Gaming and FaZe Clan. Unilad, meanwhile, will have to fight the loser of that same match for survival in the lower bracket.

Team Kaliber vs Unilad 3-1

HP Ardennes Forest 250-197

SND Sainte Marie du Mont 6-3

CTF Flak Tower 2-3 (OT)

HP Sainte Marie du Mont 250-154