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Karma weighs in on OpTic and eUnited social media dispute

Published: 1/Nov/2018 13:54 Updated: 1/Nov/2018 14:10

by Calum Patterson


OpTic Gaming’s Damon ‘Karma’ Barlow gave his response to the Twitter storm which brewed up on Halloween night, after a joke made by eUnited to troll the OpTic organization caused debate.

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For eUnited’s Halloween ‘costume’, they gave their Twitter account a makeover, complete with new profile image and header, all inspired by the green color of OpTic Gaming.

 They posted a tweet explaining “Very spooky. We are dressing up as a Top 24 Champs team this year” – mocking OpTic’s top 17-24th placing at the 2018 CWL World Championship.

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The majority of the community appreciated what they saw as light hearted poking fun, but OpTic’s Seth ‘Scump’ Abner was the first OG member to respond – and wasn’t happy.


He called the troll a “pathetic roast for attention”, saying that while he was happy to take criticizm from other pro players and fans, he wouldn’t accept it from a professional organization “of people I don’t know.”

Later, during a live stream, Scump’s teammate Karma gave his review. He was more reserved than Scump, but made clear that he didn’t think much of the Twitter antics either.

Karma of course was not part of the OpTic team that placed top 24, but has won three world championships to eUnited’s zero, and points this out: “[eUnited] don’t get to have a lot of fun – I’ve had a lot of fun three times.”


He also says it was “uncalled for, really unnecessary”, before going on to belittle it to nothing more than a publicity stunt. “If you want some publicity, do something with OpTic,” he said, “it usually works – that’s how I got popular.”

eUnited have since changed back to their original colors, posting a new tweet saying ‘#NewProfilePic Much Better”.

They also asked their followers to decide for them whether they should continue ‘memes’ or not on their social media account, which sits at 70% in favor of memes at the time of writing.

The organization likely would have expected some vitriol from OpTic Gaming fans, but the general consensus was that it was a funny joke.


However, CoDGamepedia did point out that if they wanted to dress up as a top 24 Champs team, they needn’t have dressed up at all.