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Infinity Ward responds after deleting two new Modern Warfare maps

Published: 14/Apr/2021 6:15 Updated: 14/Apr/2021 6:19

by Brad Norton


Shortly after introducing three new maps to 2019’s Modern Warfare, Infinity Ward surprisingly removed two of the fresh additions without an explanation.

As has long been a tradition in the Call of Duty franchise, when a new annual release comes out, the previous title fades into the background. The latest Modern Warfare suffered a similar fate following the release of Black Ops Cold War, though a vocal player base didn’t want to let go so soon.

After pleading with the developers for some new content, Infinity Ward finally delivered in 2021. On March 31, the classic CoD 4 map Killhouse was updated and added into the game. Additionally, a new 6v6 map and a new Gunfight map were also added in through the surprising update as well.


While the news came out of nowhere, the excitement was short-lived. Not long after adding this content into the game, the devs secretly removed two of the new maps on April 7.

Modern Warfare gameplay
Two new Modern Warfare maps were suddenly removed from the game on April 7.

The first of these unique locations was the Al-Raab Airbase. This regular multiplayer map was inspired by a location in the 2019 campaign. Available across typical 6v6 modes, the new addition was quite large in comparison to most Modern Warfare maps.

Meanwhile, the next new battleground was designed for 2v2 combat only. Drainage was the name given to a fresh Gunfight map set outdoors in Urzikstan. Both of these maps were accessible in private lobbies only, though they have both since been removed from the game.


Infinity Ward is yet to provide a comment as to why these two maps were pulled without warning. 

Despite Al-Raab Airbase and Drainage no longer being accessible, Modern Warfare players still have one new playable map from the surprise update. Killhouse is still available in private lobbies, as well as its own 24/7 playlist.

Modern Warfare killhouse gameplay
Killhouse is still playable in Modern Warfare.

A week after the strange removal of these maps, Infinity Ward has finally issued a response. While the new additions were available in private matches, they have been “temporarily removed,” the developers clarified.

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“They aren’t quite ready and need a bit more love before returning. We’ll update soon on when they’ll be back.”


So while no date is locked in for their eventual return, the two maps will indeed see the light of day again in a future patch. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on any further developments.