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Infinity Ward respond to broken self-revive bug in Warzone

Published: 28/Mar/2020 10:07

by Andy Williams


Call of Duty: Warzone developers Infinity Ward has responded to player demands to fix a major in-game issue which is preventing players from using their self-revive.

Modern Warfare’s March 26 update brought a number of changes to Infinity Ward’s title, including a brand-new multiplayer map and a plethora of changes that have been implemented into their Battle Royale mode.

Yet following the update, players have reported a number of issues, including a game-breaking glitch which is granting players the ability to pick-up weapons in the Gulag.

Players in the Gulag in Warzone.
The Gulag is part of Warzone’s unique respawn system, but has been subjected to plenty of controversy.

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However, perhaps more importantly, there is a widespread surge in players reporting issues with self-revive to the Warzone subreddit, after Infinity Ward pushed their latest update live.


According to player accounts, they are unable to use their Self-Revive Kit once they are gunned down, meaning that they are either sent straight to the Gulag or eliminated entirely.

And per one Redditor’s post, Infinity Ward are all too aware of the bug-in-question and are working on rolling out a hotfix for it.

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“I just bugged this. We’re looking into [this],” a member of Infinity Ward’s team replied. A number of players also commented in the thread with similar accounts, with one explaining that they ran into a problem when attempting to revive their teammate.


“I was also unable to revive a teammate in the second to last circle, not sure what the circumstances were. Tapping and holding both would not work.”

Another player outlined the same self-revive issue in a separate post — highlighting their immediate elimination, where the game appears to skip the opportunity to self-revive.

Does self-revive not work in solo anymore? from CODWarzone

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As per Infinity Ward’s Issue Tracker, the developers are looking into a bug where “players are unable to use self revive when playing Battle Royale solos,” alongside looking into the teammate revival problem that one user described above.

Given the snowballed popularity of Warzone in events such as Warzone Wednesdays and Twitch Rivals, Infinity Ward will likely be looking to patch up the aforementioned bugs as soon as possible.