Infinity Ward respond to bizarre Modern Warfare Finishing Move glitch

Infinity Ward/Activision

A developer from Infinity Ward has acknowledged that a fix is in the works for a peculiar bug with Modern Warfare’s Finishing Move animation.

Modern Warfare is no stranger to uncanny bugs. Since the game’s release, Infinity Ward have rolled out numerous patches in a bid to fix the plethora of glitches that have been spoiling players’ online experience. 

However, despite the developer’s best efforts, more issues continue to surface. Ironically, the latest issue is associated with a brand-new feature in the Call of Duty franchise, Finishing Moves.

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ActivisionPlayers can unlock different Finishing Moves for their Operator in Modern Warfare.

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Finishing Moves provide a different, yet satisfying means of dispatching your foe in Call of Duty. With each Operator boasting their own unique set of moves, players can customize to their heart’s content. 

Each Operator has their own signature method. For example, Charly favors a baton, while Minotaur prefers brute strength in close-quarters engagements. 

Despite the satisfaction that comes with taking out your enemy through via the stealthy means of a Finishing Move, the action is sometimes hindered by a bug which cancels the animation.

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Reddit user ‘Average-Genius’ highlighted an occasion which showcased just that. After getting behind enemy lines, the player crouch-walked their way up to their unsuspecting enemy and executed the Finishing Move… or did they?

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Average-Genius was caught with their pants down as their Finishing Move animation canceled mid-way through, which provided their enemy with the perfect opportunity to retaliate.

After the foe managed to cheat death, they capitalized on the blunder by tea-bagging Average-Genius — a victory dance to rub extra salt into the wound. 

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Given the obvious unintended nature of the bug, an Infinity Ward developer responded to the post.“We are digging into this,” the dev opened. Fixing as soon as possible.”

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At the time of writing, however, the issue is yet to appear on the Infinity Ward Tracker, where the developers highlight everything that they’re working on. 

Given that a variety of challenges revolve around the Finishing Move, players will be hoping that an intermittent issue of this nature is patched sooner rather than later. 

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