Infinity Ward developers share the modes and a new “dynamic” coming to Modern Warfare

Infinity Ward

Call of Duty experiences to date with the help of a “reimagining” to the franchise that will introduce a new dynamic to Modern Warfare.

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The developers for the title showed up at E3 on June 9 to break down what players should expect in their upcoming game including a more intimate battleground, a different perspective to combat and more.

Though fans have grown accustomed to hearing the ground-breaking efforts year after year about the new Call of Duty titles, the developers pushed an entirely new focus in their livestream interview that might give Modern Warfare a different feel.

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Infinity WardModern Warfare’s feel will change based on what faction you’re playing.

“No greatest hits, we want to do something that feels new.”

The game is going to feature a two-sided approach to its storytelling that will focus on completely different factions: Tier-1 Special Operation forces and the Rebel Freedom Fighters fighters.

The two will not only have different arsenals that are more in line with what their real-life counterparts would be equipped with, it will also change the perspective of the combat by painting war in two whole unique brushes.

“For the first time, you’ll be playing as Tier One Special Operation forces but also as rebel freedom fighters,” Design Director Jacob Minkoff said. “When you’re playing as Tier One you got all the best tech toys. You got night-vision goggles, and the best guns and you can call in airstrikes. But when you’re playing as freedom fighters, you’re the underdog… You have to use ambush tactics, guerrilla tactics. It creates a completely different type of dynamic in combat.”

With that said, the developers also hinted that the Call of Duty experience will focus on a more “consistent universe for the entirety of the game.” Meaning the “rules are all the same” across every mode.

ActivisionModern Warfare will take players through various combat scenarios.
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What modes will be in Modern Warfare?

Keeping that theme in mind, the Infinity Ward developers revealed what modes their fans should expect to release with the game.

As tradition, there will be Single-Player and Multiplayer, but fans will be thrilled to hear that Spec Ops is coming back to the game.

“In the previous Modern Warfare games, there was a mode called Spec Ops, and we’re going to have Spec Ops in the new Modern Warfare as well,” Studio Narrative Director Taylor Kurosak said. “But it’s Spec Ops like you’ve never seen before; Spec Ops to the 11th power. Crank the knob off, break it, and then throw it away.”

Infinity WardInfinity Ward is aiming to make an impactful game.

It was also revealed that there will not be a Zombies mode in the upcoming title, which goes in line to the “realistic” feel that the company is trying to go for across the entire game’s offerings.

Modern Warfare is rapidly building up to be the most hyped Call of Duty titles in a long time, and it will be a long wait until it’s October 25 release date.