Modern Warfare dev explains ‘new microtransaction system’ amid backlash

Infinity Ward

Infinity Ward director Joel ‘ArtPeasant’ Emslie has responded to criticism from Call of Duty fans after a number of leaks regarding Modern Warfare’s microtransaction system.

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Modern Warfare is set to launch on Friday, October 25, but leaks continue to circulate about what the game will feature on release, including a September 25 claim which stated that loot boxes would no longer be cosmetic items only but would include weapons.

This news came as a significant blow to CoD fans who have long argued that by putting weapons inside supply drops, the developers are making their games pay-to-win, and with criticism abounding, Emslie has moved to calm concerns just a fortnight before the release.

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Infinity WardModern Warfare fans were concerned following a leak in September.
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With fans still largely in the dark about how the microtransaction system will work, Reddit user devinate commented that he could “tell the game has a lot of hard work going into it,” but stated that fans wanted “clear answers on the MTX system, specifically because Black Ops 4’s system existed purely to wring the consumer out of money.”

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11 days later, Emslie responded to the user, offering his appreciation for the kind words about the effort they had put into the game, and offering some hope to fans who feel microtransactions could ruin the game.

“Thank you for the kind words about the effort we put into the game,” wrote the Studio Art Director. “I’m sorry for such a delayed response. What I can say is that we are focused on making a different system for Modern Warfare, one with a direct path to content for players.”

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Comment from discussion A developers POV.

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What the “direct path” to content may be remains to be seen, but players will be hoping that instead of weapons and items being hidden in cases and loot boxes, with only a chance of getting their hands on them, they will instead be able to unlock them based on actually playing the game.

It is currently unknown if we will receive any further information about microtransactions, but the latest statement from Emslie may give fans hope that Infinity Ward and Activision have made changes to the system.

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