Infinity Ward confirm new map & Ground War mode coming to Modern Warfare

. 2 years ago
Infinity Ward

Infinity Ward, developers behind Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, have revealed what fans can expect in the week commencing February 24 – and it includes a brand-new multiplayer map. 

The Call of Duty community have been vocally critical of Infinity Ward for some of their management of Modern Warfare. One particular aspect the developers have come under scrutiny for is their lack of communication; omitting details from patch notes and avoiding comment on controversial topics like skill-based matchmaking. 

This probably goes some way to explain the detailed information given in regular community updates — the latest of which came on February 21 and revealed a number of features fans can expect in the coming seven days. 

Infinity Ward
Season 2 of Modern Warfare already brought Rust with it.

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Undoubtedly the biggest news to come out of the update was the confirmation that the week commencing February 24 will see a new multiplayer map coming to Modern Warfare. 

The map, named ‘Bazaar,’ is thought to be a Gunfight map — meaning it will be far smaller than a typical six-versus-six map. 

While no release date for the map was included, Modern Warfare’s larger updates tend to go out on a Tuesday. As a result, February 25 currently seems the most likely date for Bazaar’s launch. 

Infinity Ward
Bazaar is expected to be a Gunfight map.

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Alongside Bazaar, Infinity Ward confirmed a new three-versus-three, Rust–Sniper game mode will be coming, alongside ‘Infantry Ground War.’

The spin on Modern Warfare’s 32 vs 32 game mode will see tanks and APCs disabled, meaning players have to be far less reliant on vehicles and machinery. 

Finally, a number of general bug fixes are coming to Modern Warfare, dealing with issues around gunsmith, regiment tags and the ‘Pointman’ perk. 

Modern Warfare's Rust.
A dedicated sniper-only mode could replace the 1v1 mode currently in-play.

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Large-scale updates – which add troves of new content – have the highest likelihood to add unintended bugs and inconsistencies to any game, so a host of bug fixes is to be expected given the release of Season Two on February 11.

As usual, Infinity Ward are likely working hard to resolve any in-game bugs and glitches as swiftly as possible. The full community update is available here

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