Top business website claims Immortals buyout of Infinite and OpTic has been finalized

Albert Petrosyan
Immortals / MLG

It appears that the Immortals Gaming Club’s buyout of OpTic Gaming and their parent company Infinite Esports & Entertainment has finally gone through.

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On June 5, Crunchbase, a reputable source for information on private and public business, updated their profile page of Infinite to show that they had been acquired by Immortals Gaming Club.

Considering that OpTic Gaming are part of Infinite, then it’s more than likely that the Green Wall is now under the control of Immortals as well, assuming that Crunchbase’s profile is correct. 

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It must be noted that this information has not been officially announced by any of the parties involved, so the finalization of the buyout remains unconfirmed.

Furthermore, the Crunchbase website, as prominent and oft-used as it is, apparently gives all users who create an account the ability to make edits and changes on existing profiles and business pages.

While its not clear to what extent these changes can be made, it does leaves the door open for the possibility that the change was edited in by someone who has no knowledge of the situation. 

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If this news does end up being correct, it will not come as a major shock to most, considering that there has been heavy speculation for weeks that Immortals were the front-runners to acquire Infinite.

As for OpTic, CEO Hector ‘H3CZ‘ Rodriguez had already confirmed that he had put in a bid to purchase the Green Wall back from Infinite, although he did suggest that the ownership was leaning towards accepting the opposition bid over his. 

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Considering the lack of further information and announcements, there is still the possibility that he was able to buy back OpTic, while Immortals were given control over the rest of Infinite.

This would be the optimal outcome for the org, since it’s been widely discussed that the owners would likely look to dissolve the brand and disband its teams if they gained control.

OpTic Gaming - YouTubeH3CZ has confirmed that he’s put in a bid to purchase back OpTic, but whether that ends up happening remains to be seen.

Again, this news has not yet been officially announced or confirmed, which means that there is always a chance that it could prove to be incorrect or premature.

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As always, we will continue to bring you the latest on this ongoing story as more information becomes available.

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