Huntsmen & FaZe groups changed days after ACHES accuses CDL of bias

Huntsmen / Faze / CDL

The Call of Duty League schedule has been adjusted, just a day after veteran Patrick ‘ACHES’ Price raised concerns over the schedules of Atlanta FaZe and Chicago Huntsmen. 

The long-awaited Call of Duty League got off to a shaky start as controversy mounted over the game’s competitive rulings, and players were blindsided by an unfortunately timed Modern Warfare patch.

Regardless, the first weekend of games was full of action and amazing gameplay – somewhat easing the minds of fans. At least that was the case until yet another problem arose, as ACHES pointed out a “massive” concern in the schedule, noting that Huntsmen and FaZe wouldn’t ever be placed in the same group.

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Infinity Ward
Modern Warfare’s CDL kicked off on January 24, but things could have gone smoother.

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This was quite concerning for players and fans of the CDL, as every other team was place together at least once, bringing the integrity of the league into question.

However, Call of Duty League officials were quick to respond to this issue through a news post on their website, citing it as an error and quickly putting up an updated schedule.

An official statement reads: “Yesterday, on January 27th, the community discovered an issue on our league website and in broadcast graphics, where the schedule was not being displayed accurately. We have now updated the website to reflect the correct groups and schedule.”

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CDL schedulevia Coneair_ Twitter
The initial CDL schedule revealed that Chicago and Atlanta would never be in the same group.

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The updates affected matches in Chicago and Toronto, resulting in FaZe and Huntsmen both being placed in group A at the start of April on Chicago’s home turf.

“Chicago Home Series – DAL vs OGLA is in Group B, not Group A. LDN vs ATL is in Group A, not Group B. Toronto Home Series – TOR vs LAG was incorrect. TOR vs OGLA is the correct match and has been updated to read accurately on the Schedule page.”

These changes are undoubtedly a positive sign for the CDL going forward, as the league quickly reacted to community feedback and fixed a big problem. If things continue to be resolved in the same way, then there’s no doubt 2020 will be an exciting year for competitive Call of Duty.

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