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How to watch 100 Thieves $100K Warzone From Home ft Nadeshot, Summit1g, more

Published: 20/Mar/2020 17:05 Updated: 20/Mar/2020 22:17

by Connor Bennett


UPDATE: This tournament has already wrapped up. To catch up with all the action, including final placements, top highlights, and more, make sure to visit our 100 Thieves Warzone From Home recap page.

After weeks of waiting, teases, and speculation, Warzone was finally added to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on March 10, giving fans the chance to test their skills in the battle royale arena. 

Even though the mode is in its infancy, we’ve already had a handful of competitive events – with the recent $50,000 Code Green being the standout. However, 100 Thieves and Cash App are raising the stakes, literally, by putting on their $100,000 Warzone From Home event – where $50,000 will go to the winning team’s chosen charity and $50,000 will go to the viewers. 

Player dropping into Call of Duty: Warzone.
Warzone has already proven to be a popular addition to Call of Duty: Warfare.

When does 100 Thieves’ Warzone From Home tournament start?

This competition is taking place on Friday, March 20, kicking off at 10 AM PT/1 PM ET and is expected to last for a few hours, especially since Warzone matches can sometimes take a little longer.

It will be livestreamed on the official CashApp Twitch channel, which we’ve included below for your convenience. Many of the participants will be broadcasting their POVs from their personal channels as well, some of which we’ve also included.

Watch live video from TimTheTatman on

Watch live video from DrDisrespect on

Watch live video from Nadeshot on

Watch live video from summit1g on

Watch live video from TeePee on

100 Thieves’ Warzone From Home – Live Bracket

This competition will be played on a single-elimination bracket that’s being updated live throughout the day by organizers BoomTV.

You can always check out the most recently updated version of the bracket by visiting the Warzone From Home web-page here.

100 Thieves

Teams & Players

There are a total of 16 teams competing in today’s event, each one composed of three players, since the tournament will be played in the game’s standard Trios playlist.

  • Nadeshot, CouRage, Cloakzy
  • Di3seL, Jericho, GoldGlove
  • TimTheTatman, dizzy, 72hrs
  • TeePee, Crowder, Merk
  • JoshOG, Diegosaurs, HusKers
  • Vikkstar, Its Warz, MVapulear
  • Mendo, xQc, Aimbotcalvin
  • Fedmyster, iiTzTimmy, TSm Albralelie
  • Aydan, xAmpz, SuperEvan
  • Marksman, AladdinLTD, BaeSoldier
  • Symfuhny, TSM Imperial, ZachMazer
  • KingRichard, Hill_APEX, BCJ
  • summit1G, Shroud, GaGod
  • Dr Disrespect, DougisRaw, VSNZ
  • Trainwrecks, GreekGodx, Andy Pyro
  • Nick Eh 30, MonsterDFace, BonsairBroz

Format & Rules

This single-elimination tournament features what is commonly referred to as the ‘kill-race’ format, which means the teams matched up against each other in each round of the bracket must both load into separate public matches and try to get as many points possible.

Each match is a ‘best thru 2,’ so two games of Warzone are played and the team with the more points advances. Points are earned by getting both eliminations and victories – kills are worth one point each while a win earns five.

This applies for all rounds of the competition except the final one, the grand final, which will have three games played instead of two.

Executive Summary: 

  • 16 teams compete in a head-to-head single elimination tournament. 
  • All rounds through Semi-Finals is a ‘best thru 2’, where team score is the aggregate kills and wins for two games. 
  • Finals is a ‘best thru 3’, where team score is aggregate kills and wins for three games. 
  • Teams are preselected by Administration. 
  • Players will be streaming their viewpoints, Captains must enable VOD to capture gameplay. 
  • Players will be streaming their viewpoints, all with 1 minute (60 seconds) delay.


  • 16 teams will compete in a single elimination tournament, advancing until a single team remains and is declared the winner. 
  • Each team will consist of 3 players, which will be pre-determined by Administration. 
  • Teams will be drawn into the tournament bracket by Administration.  
  • Placement will be determined first by the furthest round the team advanced to, and ties will be broken consistent with the matchup tiebreaker rules. 

Match Rules 

  • For each round, teams will compete in head-to-head matchups that determine which team advances to the next round, and which team is eliminated from the tournament. 
  • Each match consists of: 
    • For rounds 1 – 3, two Battle Royale gametypes played by each team; 
    • For the Grand Finals (round 4), three Battle Royale gametypes played by each team. 
  • For each match, a team’s score will be determined by the total number of kills + Win Bonus earned by each team member for all Battle Royale games played. 
    • Each kill = 1 point; 
    • Win Bonus = 5 points; 
    • Win Bonus is awarded if the team is the last team standing at the conclusion of the Battle Royale. 
  • Teams with the highest score advance to the following round, while the team with the lowest score are eliminated from the tournament. 
  • Teams will only compete against the team they are matched up with in the bracket. 

Tie-Breaker Rules 

  • In the event both teams in a head-to-head matchup have earned the same score at the completion of the match, the following conditions will be used in waterfall format to break the tie: 
    • Team with the player who had the highest individual eliminations. 
    • If still tied, move on to the second highest individual eliminations on the team. 
    • Compare third highest individual eliminations from both teams. 
    • Team with the most total damage for the overall games played in the match. 
  • In the event the above waterfall is unable to differentiate teams, Administration reserves the right to determine another criteria to be used to advance a team. 
Infinity WardEliminations and wins will be key to advancing in the bracket of 100 Thieves’ Warzone From Home tournament.

Prize Breakdown

The $100,000 prize pool of this tournament will be split in several ways. $50,000 will be divided amongst the top placing teams, based on the breakdown below, while the other $50,000 will be given away to viewers who are active in the chat.

  • 1st – $25,000
  • 2nd – $15,000
  • 3rd/4th – $5,000
  • 3rd/4th – $5,000

How to participate in the $50,000 giveaway

As part of the promotion of this event, CashApp will be giving away a total $50,000 in prizes to viewers throughout the day. In order to enter for a chance to win some cash, all you have to do is watch the main stream and type your $CashTag in the chat when prompted.

It’s not clear when the winners will be announced, but it’s more than likely going to happen directly after the tournament unless CashApp decide to do it live as they’re chosen.

Call of Duty

Why OpTic Chicago vs LA Thieves is Call of Duty’s next eClasico

Published: 22/Jan/2021 6:23 Updated: 22/Jan/2021 6:28

by Brad Norton


OpTic Gaming and Envy have always been rivals in competitive Call of Duty, though the Green Wall might have a new contender to look out for, with the LA Thieves primed to steal the spotlight in 2021’s hottest matchup.

There has always been one constant in the Call of Duty scene. When OpTic and Envy square off, everyone tunes in. The ‘eClasico’ has long been one of the biggest showdowns in all esports. But with the dawn of a new competitive season, could it now be time for another historic rivalry to emerge?

With Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez and the power of the Green Wall helping build Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag into the cultural icon he is today, there’s no denying the rich history between the two CDL franchise owners. After a year on the sidelines, Nadeshot’s LA Thieves finally have a chance to steal the show and perhaps steal some of OpTic’s momentum in the process.

Could OpTic have new rivals for the year ahead? Will this hotly anticipated clash become Call of Duty’s next unmissable matchup? Only time will tell how this budding feud will evolve, though no two teams have more potential to capture the entire esports community in 2021 quite like OpTic Chicago and the LA Thieves.

H3CZ and Nadeshot: The friendliest of rivals

H3CZ and Nadeshot together
Riot Games
H3CZ and Nadeshot are cut from the same cloth in that they’re both extremely passionate fans of their own organizations.

It’s near impossible to think of the powerhouse CDL brands without thinking of the faces behind them. While current owners of their respective organizations, the esports journeys of H3CZ and Nadeshot have been intertwined for more than a decade now.

OpTic Gaming was the first Call of Duty team Nadeshot ever represented at the professional level. It’s the pillar in esports history he helped build as captain over a six-year competitive career. It was the foundation from which he became one of the biggest stars in the gaming industry.

H3CZ and Nadeshot
YouTube: Nadeshot
Nadeshot and H3CZ were inseparable throughout OpTic’s early rise in the esports industry.

Since his departure in 2015, Nadeshot has been replicating that success at 100 Thieves and now, the LA Thieves CDL franchise. While the pair were inseparable in the past, they’ll both be gunning for the top spot on different teams in 2021.

Both are uber-competitive at their core, but we’ve still rarely seen that competitive edge come out against one another. Their teams made their League of Legends debut side by side in 2018, facing off a handful of times throughout the year. Meanwhile, we only had one year to enjoy the matchup in Call of Duty.

Each time they met, however, it started to feel increasingly significant. In fact, the last time they were against one another, happened to be when the stakes were highest: in the 2019 Champs lower bracket finals. 

Call of Duty LAN event
100 Thieves got the better of OpTic throughout most of 2019.

A 3-0 sweep for the Thieves is how their final showdown in Call of Duty came to an end. Knowing the importance of Champs to everyone involved, especially H3CZ, there’s no chance that loss doesn’t sting to this day.

Now, both owners have revitalized their presence in the scene and both are ready to come out swinging with who they believe are the best players in the world today. No matter how many times they meet in 2021, nor who emerges as the victor each time around, all eyes will be on H3CZ and Nadeshot.

Dashy’s golden opportunity against the Thieves

Dashy on stage
2021 is Dashy’s chance to right the wrongs from the inaugural CDL season.

2020 wasn’t the follow-up Dashy had hoped for after a breakout year in Black Ops 4. His initial run with OpTic was full of extraordinary highlights and standout performances but it all came crashing down with the release of Modern Warfare.

As franchising took hold of the scene, Dashy was left behind while OpTic transitioned into a completely different entity. With H3CZ now building out the Huntsmen brand under NRG, Dashy did all he could to be traded over. Unfortunately for him, it wasn’t in the cards. Despite allegedly threatening to bench himself, he was re-signed to a spot at OGLA.

What followed was a turbulent year throughout the inaugural CDL season with Dashy reluctantly playing alongside new teammates in SlasheR, Kenny, and JKap. Poor placements at early events saw Dashy relegated to the bench, with little hope of turning things around.

Dashy playing for OGLA
2020 was a rough year for Dashy having spent a good amount of time on the OGLA bench.

Cut to 2021, a year which H3CZ predicts will be “transformative” for Dashy. Now, the stage is set for the ultimate comeback in every sense of the word. Not only does he have a chance to live up to his 2019 hype, but he’ll be able to do so against the roster that seemingly held him back in 2020.

When OpTic Chicago squares off against the Los Angeles Thieves in 2021, it’ll be Dashy taking on his former teammates. He has a chance to wipe the slate clean against the Thieves. 

We may be in a different cycle with Black Ops Cold War, though emphatic victories over SlasheR, Kenny, and TJHaLy throughout the season, could reignite his star power. Not to mention, Dashy also has a history with Temp as well, having teamed together much earlier in their careers.

On the other side of the coin, LA trumping their rivals at Chicago would only add fuel to the fire. While friends outside the lobby, there’s no denying the trash talk between maps would be on another level given the history between players.

TJHaLy’s shot at revenge on OpTic

OpTic Gaming raising a trophy
TJHaLy now finds himself going against former OpTic teammates Scump and Dashy.

While every player on both sides has their reasons to win, TJHaLy might have a bigger fire under him than anyone else. As the CDL came into effect, he too was left behind alongside Dashy.

Things didn’t quite pan for his first year in the league, and now, the iceman is completely separated from his former teammates. There’s no more Scump next to him on stage, no more Dashy hyping him up online.

For once, he’ll be on the opposite side in the lobby.

Again, he’s close friends with everyone outside of the game. But when it comes time to load in against OpTic, rest assured there will be an extra sense of motivation for TJHaLy. 

He’ll be looking to prove he’s a top-tier player without them. That he can reach the top of the CDL rankings in spite of them. Ultimately, show his team is stronger than theirs. 

TJHaLy playing for OpTic
TJHaLy will be looking to prove himself against his former OpTic teammates.

Making a statement and trying to topple the current OpTic lineup will be a storyline to watch throughout the year. Questions will be answered as the spotlight shines on TJHaLy to outperform his former allies turned rivals.

As some added spice to the matchup, no one can forget how 2020 came to an end for TJHaLy. Losing a game five, round 11 1v1 against Envoy is sure to have stung. Now TJ has every opportunity to move past that low point and prove himself a cut above Envoy and OpTic.

While H3CZ is inclined to promote Empire or FaZe as their biggest rivals for the year, there’s no denying that OpTic Chicago vs the LA Thieves has an unrivaled flair to it. With their legions of fans, it’s sure to captivate the community each time around unlike any other matchup this year.

It just so happens that fans won’t have to wait long to see their highly anticipated first showdown. The CDL’s Kick-Off Classic is bringing us six opening matchups from January 23 to January 24. Our first taste of the new eClasico closes the show, as the Thieves are all set to try and scale the Green Wall.