How to unlock new Crossbow in Modern Warfare – challenge & attachments

. 2 years ago
Infinity Ward / YouTube - E-Roc

The massive v1.13 Modern Warfare update went live on January 22, introducing the new Crossbow weapon that players can unlock for free by completing an in-game challenge.

Crossbows have featured in many previous Call of Duty titles, either being available right from the game’s launch or added later down the line as a DLC weapon.

The weapon’s viability has varied over the years; some versions of it haven’t been effective while others have been more than good enough, like the one in Black Ops 4, for example, which was so overpowered that Treyarch had to nerf it a few times.

Infinity Ward / Mr JaRni - Twitter
Images of the Crossbow in Modern Warfare were leaked months ago.

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After it was leaked months earlier, the Crossbow was finally added to Modern Warfare on January 22, as part of the v1.13 update, one of the largest patches in recent weeks.

“Silent and agile, this high-performance crossbow fires 20.0″ bolts with exceptional lethality,” reads the in-game description. “Exclusive customization, distinct functionality, and unique ammunition types put this weapon in a class of its own. Standard 20.0″ bolts are recoverable and are undetectable by trophy systems.”

Modern Warfare Crossbow gameplay footage

Courtesy of Doom Clan YouTuber mason here is some in-game footage of the Crossbow in action on Shipment, also featuring the new Capture The Flag mode, which was added via the same update.

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How to unlock Crossbow via in-game challenge

The Crossbow is, of course, free to players on all three platforms – PS4, Xbox One, and PC – since Modern Warfare does not feature a loot box system or purchasable DLC.

That said, there is still some work you need to put in before you can get your hands on this new weapon.

In order to unlock it, a new specific in-game challenge must be completed: you must create a loadout with a Marksman Rifle that’s equipped with a Reflex Optic sight and get five kills in 25 different matches.

There are currently three Marksman Rifles that can be used to fulfill this objective: EBR-14, Kar98k, and MK2 Carbine. All three are good enough to get five kills in 25 matches, but the latter two are probably more viable than the EBR-14.

Infinity Ward
In order to complete the Crossbow challenge, you need to use one of these three Marksman Rifles with a Reflex Optic attached and get five kills in 25 matches.

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All Crossbow attachments in Gunsmith

Like every other gun, the Crossbow can be heavily customized with attachments using the in-game Gunsmith feature. There are eight total categories of attachments that this weapon supports:

  1. Cable (normally Muzzle)
  2. Arms (normally Barrel)
  3. Laser
  4. Optic
  5. Stock
  6. Underbarrel
  7. Bolt (normally Ammunition)
  8. Perk

As always, when using the Gunsmith, you can check out each attachment individually for their description, effect on the weapon’s stats, and pros/cons.

For your convenience, we’ve included a video detailing all of the below, courtesy of YouTuber E-Roc.

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Since the Crossbow was just released, the jury is still out on whether it’s going to be powerful enough to use consistently or not up to the standards of most other weapons.

Judging by some early gameplay footage, it does appear to be a very slow-paced weapon, since a new bolt has to be loaded in after each shot. However, those who have good aim will likely find the gun enjoyable, and some of the attachments could make it a lot more viable.

Furthermore, there is always the option of equipping Overkill using the Crossbow alongside another primary weapon, maybe an SMG or close-range assault rifle. That way you won’t have to overly rely on the long-range weapon.

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