How to lean while aiming in Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Andrew Amos
Youtube: Hollow / Infinity Ward

The ability to lean via Weapon Mounting has been reintroduced in the newest installment of the series, Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare releases on October 24th/25th depending on where you are in the world. It releases on the 24th in North America at 6 PM PDT/9 PM EDT on all platforms. It releases for PC on the 25th at 2 AM BST/3 AM CEST/12 PM AEDT, and for those same regions, the console version releases at midnight local time.

Leaning as a mechanic in Call of Duty has been around since the original release in 2003, but not every game has featured the useful ability. It was featured in Infinite Warfare’s campaign, but it hasn’t been available in multiplayer since Ghosts. 

The newly-released Modern Warfare gives its players the ability to lean around corners and objects once again, and it can help you get the edge over your opponents in gun fights.

Infinity Ward
The Call of Duty Modern Warfare Beta was released on September 12.
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Weapon Mounting is enabled by default on Modern Warfare, and it’s pretty easy to do. If you are standing up against an obstacle, all you have to do is hold down your ADS and melee buttons at the same time near any flat surface.

If you are having trouble and need a visual representation of how Weapon Mounting works, this video by Youtuber ‘Ray The Great’ should be able to help you out.

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There is an option to change the setting so you only need to walk up to an obstacle and ADS without the need to hold the melee button. Scroll down to the Weapon settings and change your Weapon Mount Activation setting to your preference.

There are a few benefits to leaning in gunfights. If you lean, it exposes only a small portion of your body outside of the object, meaning your hitbox is smaller for your enemies to hit. It also doesn’t affect your own accuracy, and it can be used to quickly scout out areas from relative safety.

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If you haven’t used leaning before, it might take some time to get used to, but in the long run it’ll become a very handy mechanic you can keep in your repertoire to gain an edge over your enemies. 

It’s pretty easy to do, so don’t be scared to jump in and add it into your gameplay.