How to have Ghost and Overkill perks together in Warzone


Overkill custom loadouts are the meta in Call of Duty: Warzone, but Ghost is almost a necessity in most endgame situations. Here’s how to run both perks so you have the ultimate advantage in Verdansk.

Despite Verdansk being littered with a plethora of weapon blueprints, custom loadouts are the most sought after in-game rig for a number of reasons.

Coming in at $6,000, or found for free if one is randomly spawned near you, loadouts provide players with a fully-stocked, custom-class of weapons, perks and equipment to suit their playstyle.

Call of Duty Warzone custom loadouts.Activision
There are a wide variety of loadout combinations to suit all needs in Warzone. Which style best suits you?

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As per Activision’s comprehensive strategy guide, Overkill is at the heart of the majority of their recommended loadouts for Warzone.

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But with Overkill taking up that second perk slot, there is no facility to equip Ghost — which proves itself invaluable in most endgame situations, since squads will often reserve their UAV until the final circle.

However, thanks to methrik’s post in the Warzone subreddit, players now have a savvy way of having the best of both worlds.

Circle collapse in Call of Duty Warzone.Activision
Following methrik’s advice will give you the best chance of coming out on top in the endgame.

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How to use Ghost & Overkill at the same time

The first step is to scurry around Verdansk and accrue $6,000 for that all-important custom loadout drop, or find one that drops nearby. First of all, you’ll want to purchase a loadout with Overkill (make sure you select an all-round class here).

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After locking in both of your weapons of choice, you then need to get another loadout drop (either a lucky free one or by coughing up another $6,000) and pick your ghost class. You’ll see the weapons from your Overkill loadout drop to the ground, so simply pick them up and carry on with Ghost now equipped.

Since your perks do not stack, your perk set will be overridden by the Ghost loadout (so make sure P1 and P3 are spot on).

Player inspecting weapon in Warzone.Activision
Pick up whichever weapon suits your endgame strategy the most. Something versatile (like an Assault Rifle) would be ideally complimented by a SMG.

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So yes, you’ll have been set back a whopping $12,000 unless you stumble across a random loadout drop, but you’ll be next to unstoppable in the endgame circle. Also, between three squadmates it should be possible to rack up this money, if you don’t spend it on anything else.

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Struggling to get the dough? Try completing a couple of contracts with your squad for a big payoff, or loot all the nearby buildings where you’ll likely find a few wads of cash lying around.