How to get unlimited Tactical Sprint in Modern Warfare

Andy Williams

After Infinity Ward patched the infamous slide-cancel movement exploit in Modern Warfare, players can now utilize unlimited Tactical Sprint – and here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do just that.

Infinity Ward have been in a seemingly endless battle against glitches since Modern Warfare’s release in October 2019. While most bugs can be overlooked, the notorious ‘slide-cancel’ mechanic had professional players in uproar.

The movement exploit was quickly patched, just before the Launch Weekend for the inaugural Call of Duty League season. However, another movement exploit has since been uncovered which allows players to utilize their Tactical Sprint for as long as they want.

Tactical Sprint in Modern Warfare.Activision
Tactical Sprint allows the player to move faster, but sacrifices weapon ADS speed as their weapon is pointed upwards.

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The Tactical Sprint feature debuted in Modern Warfare and was designed with the game’s large-scale maps in mind, by facilitating a faster way to traverse from one area to another.

However, players can utilize the new sprint feature to get out of tight situations, as it expires after a few seconds.

Now, Twitter user ‘CanadianFishh’ has detailed exactly how to ensure that never happens. First and foremost, you will need to holster your Primary Weapon and whip out a Combat Knife as your Secondary.

Start Tactical Sprinting with your knife by double-tapping your sprint button. Before the Tac Sprint runs out, you need to slide and switch weapons to your Primary.

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After switching to your Primary, you need to rinse and repeat the Tactical Sprint process by double-tapping your sprint button again.

Essentially, the slide animation resets the Tactical Sprint each time. So as long as you’re sliding every 3-5 seconds, you should be able to do this for an unlimited amount of time.

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Beware, though as it takes longer to ADS with your weapon following Tactical Sprinting, so it’s not ideal for close-quarters maps.

However, if you’re simply looking to get from Point A to Point B on Ground War as fast as possible, then utilizing this exploit might be the way to go.

While Infinity Ward have not commented on the strategy yet, it seems possible they will release a patch for it in the coming weeks or months.