Dr Disrespect has perfect idea to improve Warzone Gulag

Calum Patterson
Infinity Ward / Dr Disrespect

The Gulag, Warzone’s 1v1 death pit where players battle it out head-to-head for a chance to respawn into the battle, is quickly becoming an iconic feature of Call of Duty. But, Twitch star Dr Disrespect has his own idea about how it could be totally reworked.

The Gulag pits two eliminated players in Warzone against each other, both with the exact same weapon, a tactical and a lethal throwable. Placed in a small prison showers area, the players have a short window to eliminate each other, with the winning getting the chance to rejoin their teammates in combat.

It’s an innovative feature for a battle royale, and generally well-liked, but there are still complaints about some of the features. Namely, some players think all tactical grenades should be removed, to keep it strictly gun-on-gun action.

Two players in Warzone Gulag
Infinity Ward
The Gulag is a fresh new way of respawning in battle royale.

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But, this isn’t the Doc‘s main concern. His idea would be to also remove the throwables and grenades, but actually give players their own weapon of choice, even with attachments.

“No perks, no equipment, and your ideal weapon to take in there, and no RPGs or explosives. You could take your decked out MP5, decked out AR, decked out LMG, maybe even a sniper, and that’s it,” he explained.

The Doc was quick to clarify that akimbo pistols wouldn’t be allowed, or “no bullsh*t stuff” as he put it. “Just straight up, solid weapons, and whatever your create-a-class is around it.”

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It would certainly be a controversial change, as one of the popular aspects of the gulag is how stripped back it is. Both players are given either a pistol or shotgun at random, with no attachments to keep things as leveled out as possible.

However, Doc thinks this new system would work better. “Every time you fight somebody, you know you’re going to use your class, that you like, comfortable with, or maybe even mix it up. And at the same time, you don’t know what you’re going against.”

Not everyone in his stream chat was on board for the idea though, so Dr Disrespect responded in typical fashion.

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With Activision confirming they plan to keep adding content and new modes to Warzone over the coming months and even years, it wouldn’t be surprising if the Gulag gets some changes too.

On the other hand, the saying “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” also comes to mind, and with the exception of flashbang/concussion grenade complaints, the Gulag is, on the whole, the perfect way to give players that free respawn opportunity.