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How to check your lifetime stats for all Black Ops titles combined

Published: 11/Oct/2018 0:32 Updated: 11/Oct/2018 5:11

by Albert Petrosyan


Treyarch and Activision are providing players with a way to check their combined in-game stats for the Black Ops 1, 2, and 3 titles. 

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The release of Black Ops 4 is imminent, and players can now get even more hyped by checking stats from previous Black Ops titles, such as hours played, total kills, head-shots, and K/D.

Those who are enrolled in Call of Duty’s newsletter service will already have received an email notifying that they can “watch their legacy” and create a highlight reel of their “battlefield exploits of Black Ops past.”

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The email directs to a webpage on the Call of Duty website where this highlight reel can be made. Those who have not received an email can manually visit the site by clicking here.


Upon reaching the page, users will be required to connect the platform on which they played any and each of the previous Black Ops titles. More than one platform can be linked, so those who may have switched consoles at some point can link both. 

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Once all accounts are linked for all or any of the three Black Ops games, the website will generate a highlight reel video for the player. 

While the gameplay clips shown in the video appear to be default and pre-selected, the statistics displayed are specific to the player and their history in all of the Black Ops games combined. 


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Once the video is generated, users can share it directly on social media or download it for storage. It’s not clear for how long this webpage will exist, so players who want to keep their video should download it. 

In the email, Activision warns that these videos are not unlimited, so those who want to see their stats in highlight reel form should visit the site as soon as possible.