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How to avoid fall damage in Modern Warfare with Assassin’s Creed move

Published: 19/Nov/2019 14:27

by Andy Williams


An eagle-eyed player has spotted how to avoid plummeting to your death when falling from the sky-scraping buildings on Modern Warfare, with a move akin to Assassin Creed.

Modern Warfare’s brand new 64-player Ground War mode has been lapped up by the CoD faithful. Infinity Ward’s introduction of vehicles and tall, sky-scraping buildings adds a new meta to the popular game mode. 

One popular method of dominating your enemies (specifically on Tavorsk District), is to snipe from the tallest vantage points. Often, players are contesting for control over the roof of the tallest building, so they can wreak havoc upon their unsuspecting victims from above. 


Although a player has previously found a trick on how to counter those pesky snipers, a quick method of escape for those looking to get stuck into the action on the ground had gone unnoticed, until now.

TmarTn (YouTube).
TmarTn (YouTube)
The higher ground gives you a major advantage when sniping on Tavorsk District.

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Reddit user, Finn_Branklin, posted their findings to the Modern Warfare subreddit titled: “Video proof that you can survive high falls off buildings in Ground War by landing in trash filled dumpsters…”

After landing their chopper on the roof of a building, the player miraculously managed to stick their landing without deploying their parachute nor receiving any fall damage. 

The move appears reminiscent of Assassin’s Creed, where players could dive into hay bales or bushes from insane heights, in order to stick the landing.


Video proof that you can survive high falls off buildings in ground war by landing in trash filled dumpsters with a pretty unique kill to top it off from modernwarfare

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Not only does the player survive the fall, but after being propelled forward from their momentum on the dumpster, they manage to land a flashy kill to top it off. 

Although the jump isn’t from the tallest building on the map, the mechanics of avoiding fall damage still apply. 

So as long as you’re confident with your jump accuracy, you’ll be able to get back into the thick of things in a matter of seconds. Who’s have thought that Ezio’s ‘Leap of Faith’ would come in handy in Call of Duty?