How could a battle royale mode work in Modern Warfare?

Connor Bennett
Infinity Ward

A popular YouTuber has claimed that a Battle Royale mode for Call of Duty are pondering just how it would potentially work in the new game.

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The long-awaited next installment to the Modern Warfare series was finally confirmed on May 30 as a single player teaser trailer was released. However, there has yet to be any major information about multiplayer or a possible battle royale add-on for the next release within the CoD franchise. 

According to YouTuber TheGamingRevolution, who claims to have a source and previously pointed to the spec ops co-op mode being used in competitive play, a Modern Warfare battle royale mode is “being worked on.” While this obviously isn’t confirmed, the YouTuber does raise a number of points that would make the mode the most ambitious attempt at a battle royale yet. 

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Infinity Ward
Plenty of news has been circling about Modern Warfare but not so much about multiplayer.

TheGamingRevolution claims that the mode was never originally planned to be added to the game and has become a last minute addition. Despite that, Infinity Ward has been targetting a lobby size of 200 players – with the developers apparently being able to host 152 players at some points already. 

Of course, that would mean that the game’s map would have to be huge. TheGamingRevolution claims that the map is around 3 times the size of the current Blackout map and has plenty of variation. 

The YouTuber also adds that it is seemingly nowhere near as complete as the campaign or multiplayer modes as they have been the focus of Infinity Ward. Yet, they have been borrowing ideas from other games – with the weapon and loot working similarly to Fortnite’s tier system rather. 

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Now, none of this is confirmed information and comes purely from TheGamingRevolution’s apparent source, but Infinity Ward has yet to confirm or deny that a battle royale is in play for Modern Warfare.

When asked by CharlieINTEL if there were plans for a battle royale mode, Activision refused to give an answer – leading to further speculation. Certainly, the modern military setting would make for a unique battle royale experience.

As ever, and as the YouTuber states himself, these things can change for one reason or another and what he seems to know could be scrapped completely before release.