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Gunfight tournaments returning to Modern Warfare with new rewards

Published: 10/Jan/2020 15:25

by Jacob Hale


Modern Warfare developers Infinity Ward have confirmed that Gunfight tournaments will be returning to the game, with new rewards available to players who take part.

Gunfight tournaments were featured in the early days of the game’s release, bringing the 2v2 game mode to a more competitive environment with players able to compete for additional XP and “high tier cosmetic rewards” if they could win in a 32-team bracket.

However, the beta phase of the tournament testing ended almost as quickly as it had started, and was removed from the game shortly after its release. While it was a fun feature, Infinity Ward clearly believed there were some fixes that needed to be made.


Gunfight is a new feature to the Call of Duty franchise that has already become a hit with fans.

Now, though, it seems that the testing is nearly finalized and they might be ready to make these tournaments available to players once again, judging from their response to a tweet from a player.

Asked what happened to the tournaments, Infinity Ward said: “They’ll be back! We’re fixing a few bugs here and there along with working on adding some new rewards.”

At the time the tweet was sent, it had been around a month since the tournament beta phase had been taken out of the game.

Infinity Ward didn’t expand on the tweet or provide a timeframe for when players should expect to be playing Gunfight tournaments in Modern Warfare again, but given the fact that they took the time to respond, it seems easy to predict that it comes sooner rather than later.


In its original iteration, Gunfight tournaments saw 16 teams of two face off in a single-elimination bracket competing for cosmetic rewards, but the promise of new rewards may keep players coming back when they return.

Although no date has been provided, expect the servers to be very busy when tournaments return, so be sure to get your practice in beforehand to get those wins (and rewards) in.