Gen.G surprise everyone with latest CoD roster move

Connor Bennett

Call of Duty line-up, replacing Michael ‘SpaceLy‘ Schmale with Jared ‘Nagafen‘ Harrell – two weeks after making the reverse move.

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The final rostermania period of the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 season came and went on June 20, with teams shaking up their rosters for one last time before the final two events of the year. 

Despite that transfer window being closed, it hasn’t stopped teams from making changes to their active rosters – with Gen.G making, perhaps, the most shocking move of all.

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Gen.G have been perennial contenders in Black Ops 4 but haven’t secured a trophy.

On July 6, following the final round of CWL Pro League matches, Gen.G announced that they would be swapping their team around for the final portion of the Black Ops 4 season.

“We’d like to thank @SpaceLy for joining our CoD team in the last week of the pro league and for helping us secure the 2nd seed in Group A,” they tweeted, before confirming the switch. “@Nagafen will be returning to our active roster to finish out the CWL season.”

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After pulling off a flawless week in Pro League action, including dominant wins over Envy, Elevate, and Team Heretics, SpaceLy described the surprise move as “it is what it is,” before wishing the best of luck to his former teammates.

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With the CoD community stunned by the move, FaZe Clan star Tommy ‘ZooMaa’ Papparatto asked the former Gen.G star if he had been given any reasoning behind the move.

It didn’t take SpaceLy all that long to answer, responding with: “They have a better understanding of their system/teamwork with Naga.”

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With Gen.G confirming that they won’t be switching up their roster moving forward, Nagafen will return to the active lineup for CWL Finals in Miami on July 19, as well as CoD Champs in August. 

It’s unknown if SpaceLy will be tied down to the substitute position just in case of an emergency, or if he’ll be allowed to depart and join a team making an open bracket run at Miami in the hope of securing a CoD champs spot.