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Call of Duty

Frustrating Warzone bugs are sending players under the battle royale map

Published: 26/Mar/2020 1:20

by Brad Norton


Warzone players are already stumbling upon game-breaking glitches in the new battle royale, as various bugs are forcing players underneath the map.

While Verdansk may be one of the biggest maps in Call of Duty history, incorporating a number of full-scale multiplayer maps from earlier titles, the sprawling landscape hasn’t quite come in perfect shape.

From awkward trees that send vehicles flying, to confusing texture glitches that completely alter the game’s appearance, Warzone has already seen its fair share of bugs. However, even more new complications are being uncovered that could spell disaster for your next match.

Gunfight in Warzone's Gulag.
Infinity Ward
Warzone players are being sent to the Gulag early due to these newfound bugs.

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Having made it through until the final third of the lobby in a March 25 game, Reddit user ‘yyyt’ had a stacked loadout and both of their teammates were still in the action. All seemed to be in their favor until disaster struck out of nowhere.

Dropping off of a rooftop in the Downtown Tavorsk District, they pulled their parachute just inches away from a wall and suddenly found themselves floating straight through the building. 

With no way to launch themselves back into the map, they were forced to slowly sail down as textures became smaller and smaller. Before long, they had reached an elevation that completely bugged the game and resulted in instant death. 


I found a shortcut to gulag from CODWarzone

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Seemingly an issue that has impacted Modern Warfare since its release, Ground War players reported similarly frustrating bugs just weeks into the latest CoD. 

While the Warzone glitch can be frustrating and result in immediate death, others have found ways to exploit the bug and take down enemies in the process.

Somehow glitched under the Verdansk train station, Reddit user ‘neatzi’ showcased an opponent that was able to wipe out their squad without even being spotted.

Peaking through numerous textures, the enemy was able to fire through the floor no different to players that exploited earlier Ground War bugs.


People are glitching/cheating under the map. This was near train station . from CODWarzone

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While developers at Infinity Ward are yet to comment on the map-related issues impacting the game, as these bugs become more prevalent, it’s likely that we’ll see them patched out sooner than later.

The next Modern Warfare patch was set to release on March 24 but was held back as the studio appears to be implementing new modes across the board. Perhaps a few wrinkles will be ironed out the next update is released.