Former CoD Pro MerK Destroys with the Annihilator Specialist on Black Ops 4 Beta

Joe “MerK” DeLuca, veteran competitive CoD player turned caster and analyst, proved he still has the skills in game with insane Annihilator killstreaks on the Black Ops 4 beta.

The Annihilator is a returning ability from Black Ops 3 – the game MerK was last a competitor in – and is even more powerful than before, with an incredibly accurate one-shot pistol which can be fired continually.

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As Seraph’s main specialist ‘ultimate’, it is clearly MerK’s favorite, and he has already racked up some impressive rampages over weekend 1 and 2 of the Black Ops 4 beta.

In total, the pistol has six shots, and MerK’s first clip, back on the opening weekend of the beta, showed off the power of the upgraded Annihilator, as he went five for six on his shots.

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And for weekend 2, MerK was still honing his Annihilator skills, again going five for six on his shots with Seraph – clearly his favorite specialist at this point.

Finally though, on day two of weekend 2 of the BO4 beta, MerK went flawless with his Annihilator, hitting six for six.

Perhaps if competitive Call of Duty does go 5v5 as the rumors say, some pro teams might eye up MerK to be their dedicated Seraph player.

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MerK even used the Annihilator ability occasionally during the Black Ops 3 competitive season, before his retirement from competing the same year when his Team Liquid side missed out on Pro League qualification.

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For now, MerK’s place on the casting desk is certain, as he quickly became a stellar commentator and analyst, using his experience as a professional player to give insight not possible from other top casters.

He’ll no doubt be back for the Black Ops 4 season with MLG, but first is the CWL Championship for CoD: WWII, starting on August 15.