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Call of Duty

FormaL slams Infinity Ward over major Modern Warfare complaint

Published: 12/Nov/2019 23:36

by Connor Bennett


Call of Duty star Matthew ‘FormaL’ Piper has roasted Modern Warfare developers Infinity Ward for releasing the game without one vital thing – the multiplayer mini-map. 

The mini-map has always been a vital tool for competitive Call of Duty players, but with the release of the highly-anticipated Modern Warfare, things have been shaken up. 

Unlike previous titles, the mini-map which sits in the top-left corner of the heads-up display will no longer show enemies as red dots when they fire shots without silenced weapons. Instead, they appear on the compass in the center of the screen, but this still frustrates players as they can’t get an ideal reading on enemy positioning.


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FormaL is now a part of the Chicago Huntsmen.

While plenty of players have posted about it on social media, be it either Twitter or Reddit, others like FormaL have taken it one step further, sending out full-on verbal barrages live on their Twitch stream.

“You hear us you f*cking idiots, god damn it, where the f*ck is the mini-map? What the f*ck!” he exclaimed during a break in the action of his November 11 scrims. “Why the f*ck did you release the CoD without a god damn mini-map, you f*cking idiots. 

“Holy sh*t, that is too funny bro – you f*cking morons. Holy f*cking shit bro, f*cking geniuses over there bro.”


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The explicit roasting of Infinity Ward wasn’t finished there, though, as his Chicago Huntsman teammate Peirce ‘Gunless’ Hillman chimed in with “They’re doing a f*cking fantastic job over there,” as the pair couldn’t stop laughing. 

That set FormaL off again. “Where the f*ck is the god damn mini-map,” he yelled. “You f*cking idiots bro, I can’t believe that, it is too funny dude. They get paid too, oh Jesus.”

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While the roasting probably won’t speed anything up on the side of Infinity Ward, they have been making continual changes to the game and kept an open line of communication with fans.


They may, eventually, make a change to the mini-map, but considering there’s been little said about it since the beta weekends, it remains to be seen if it’ll be coming anytime soon.