Expert tips to help you unlock Modern Warfare Damascus camo

Damascus camo Modern Warfarevia PrestigeIsKey YouTube

Modern Warfare demands a substantial grind to collect the coveted Damascus camo for every weapon in the game, and we’ve compiled some handy tips to help you along the process.

It’s no lie to say that a significant amount of work goes into unlocking Damascus, with plenty of guides showing players the fastest ways of adding the camo to their collections.

But Reddit user ‘69throwawayslater’ managed to complete the long journey for the skin, and offered a wealth of knowledge to anybody who might be struggling to continue on the journey.

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Infinity Ward
Modern Warfare players who grind for Damascas are well rewarded.

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As players know, Damascus only gets unlocked by getting Platinum on every weapon class – a feat that can only be achieved after getting all Gold camos in that class by completing every challenge for individual weapons.

To help along the journey, the player advised the CoD community to create three classes for the gun you’re currently working on.

“Create 3 classes for the gun,” they said. “One you thoroughly enjoy with some added range, one for close quarters and kills shortly after reloading, and one without attachments and switch between them as needed.”

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via PrestigeIsKey YouTube
Getting Damascas can quickly turn into a chore, but tips from people who’ve been there will help you along the way.

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It’s frustrating to go through the motions of using every weapon in the game, but that could be made much easier if players prepare themselves for whatever scenario a CoD match brings up, while still using the gun they’re trying to complete.

Some of the more frustrating weapons to max out are the launchers, and to that end, players should hit Hardcore to really make a dent in the progress.

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“Because HQ is a fairly high kill core game mode, there’s going to be a great amount of kill streaks,” 69throwawayslater continued. “It’s also where I did most of my launcher kills because they will stack on objective.”

PrestigeIsKey YouTube
Modern Warfare players also have to complete with launchers to get to the ultimate skin.

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Getting kills while being injured can be tricky, since sometimes the game doesn’t register a kill when low health or you die too easily.

For this, they suggest going “into hardcore with a thermite and take 2 tics of damage. Every kill that life will count because your health doesn’t regen in HC.”

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Aside from that, some of the best tips are included below – but you should give his full post a look, since there’s a ton of ways that players can change their approach to make the grind to Damascus much easier.

  • “Shipment 24/7 is where you’ll get 99% of shit done even with snipers and marksman rifles. The sheer volume of possible kills is what kept me in that playlist.
  • When going for attacker/defender kills go into hardpoint. When you or the enemy are on the objective it’ll count as both. For the JOKR if you stand on C flag on shipment and put it on the back wall at A it’ll count for both as well.
  • Longshots for the SMGs can be tricky, I did mine in hardcore because the damage drop off is iffy in core.
  • Put [Camos] in your clan tag to avoid s**t.”

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