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Everything you need to know about CWL Vegas – Format, qualified teams, and more

Published: 26/Oct/2018 23:24 Updated: 19/Nov/2018 21:13

by Wyatt Donigan


With Rostermania looking to be pretty much settled, it’s time to take a look at what we can expect from CWL Vegas, the first event of the Black Ops 4 season. 

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The 2019 CWL season will feature an increased prize pool of $6 million, with $250,000 of that up for grabs at CWL Vegas to open the season.

With this being the first event of the new season, how teams fared in the WWII season will determine their initial placements in Vegas.

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CWL Vegas Format (December 7-9, 2018)

  • Pools
    • 20 teams will battle in the pool play portion of the event
      • Top-12 teams from Stage 2 of the WWII season will automatically qualify for pools
        • Any top-12 team that does not retain at least three players from their WWII roster will be replaced by the team with the highest Pro Points from the WWII season
    • Four teams from the Relegation Tournament
    • Four teams from the open bracket
  • Relegation Tournament
    • Eight teams with the most Pro Points from the WWII season who did not automatically qualify will be eligible for the tournament
    • Top four teams move on to Pools
    • The remaining four move into the open bracket
  • Open bracket
    • Open to everyone
      • Teams will be seeded based on their WWII Pro Points
    • Top four teams will move into pools

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With the off-season Rostermania all but settled at this point, we now have a good idea of where teams will start their Black Ops 4 campaign based on the Pro Points each player gained during the WWII season.


Below is a full list of teams that qualified directly into pools, teams that will play in the relegation tournament, the teams expected to be the best of the open bracket, and a list of free agents who have the most Pro Points from the WWII season.

Note that this list is provisional and will be updated regularly. Not every roster is locked in yet, meaning that a new roster can still come in a change the placement of other teams.

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Pro Points Rankings as of October 26

Team Qualified directly to Pools

  • PL = qualified teams thanks to CWL Pro League Stage 2
  • PP = qualified teams thanks to their Pro Points from WWII
  • RT = qualified teams from the Relegation Tournament
  • OB = qualified teams from the Open Bracket
  • In italics = teams without an organization or yet to be confirmed
Qualification Team Roster Pro Points
PL 100 Thieves Enable, Fero, Kenny, Octane, Slasher 722,615
PL Luminosity Classic, FormaL, Gunless, John, Slacked 702,775
PL FaZe Clan Attach, Methodz, Priestahh, Replays, ZooMaa 648,545
PP Splyce Jurd, Accuracy, Aqua, Loony, Temp 635,660
PL Team Envy Aches, Apathy, Assault, Huke, Silly 633,850
PL Red Reserve Bance, Joee, Rated, Skrapz, Zer0 593,725
PL eUnited Abezy, Arcitys, Clayster, JKap, Prestinni 553,620
PP OpTic Gaming Crimsix, Dashy, Karma, Scump, TJHaly 550,920
PP G2 Esports Chino, Faccento, Decemate, Ricky, Blazt 461,830
PL Team Reciprocity Denz, Seany, Tommey, Wuskin, Zed 414,885
PP Team MadCat MadCat, Alexx, Dqvee, Joshh, Peatie 367,240
PP Team Theory (TBC) Theory, Pandur, Xotic, GodRx, Parasite (TBC)
RT #1
RT #2
RT #3
RT #4
OB #1
OB #2
OB #3
OB #4

Qualified teams for the Relegation Tournament 


  • In italics = teams without an organization 
Seed Team Roster Pro Points
1 Evil Geniuses Felo, Goonjar, Lacefield, Royalty, Saints 353,640
2 Mindfreak Buzzo, Excite, Fighta, Louqa, Shockz 270,330
3 Tainted Minds Damage, Nimble, Setzyy, Swiftazor, Swifty 244, 210
4 Team Reedy Reedy, Cammy, Denza, Hawqeh, Vortex 227,175
5 Team Zayrox Zayrox, Malls, Benji, Dreal, Enduraaa 189,745
6 Team Moose Moose, Defrag, Nolson, Qwiker, Weeman 189,545
7 Team Proto Proto, Mayhem, Nova, Skyz, Spoof 178,805
8 Team SpaceLy SpaceLy, Maux, MajorManiak, Nagafen, Havok 178,030

The best teams in the Open Bracket

  • In italics incomplete teams (TBA) and teams with no organization 
Seed Team Roster Pro Points
1 Relegation Tournament #5
2 Relegation Tournament #6
3 Relegation Tournament #7
4 Relegation Tournament #8
5 Heretics KFC Jurnii, Lucky, MethodZ, Mettalzz, Sukry  153,670
6 Enigma6 Diabolic, Frosty, General, Kade, Kismet 141,865
7 Team Braaain
Braaain, Niall, Zerg, Creza, Keza 134,520
8 Team Fastballa Fastballa, Beehzy, Holler, MRuiz, Profeezy 132,275
9 Team Legal Legal, Killa, SupremeAgility, TcM, Twizz 119,145
10 Team Wailers Wailers, Zeek, RizK, Yuuzl, Atlas 117,515
11 Team Nevo Nevo, Chain, Maple, Colgate, Dylan 117,120
12 Supremacy Eazy, Breszy, Natshay, Dynasty, Senka 110,785
13 Team Sharko Sharko, Cookie, Piero, Prime, TPiece 106,010
14 Team Obsidium Bacabec, Cruze, Dean, Lakie, Tyson 101,605
15 Team Believe Believe, Evasion, GodLike, LlamaGod, Swarley 97,265
16 Team Atura Atura, Cells, Dareza, Envoy, Jump 97,160
17 Vodafone Giants Inven, Lgend, Pepo, Tojor, Yako 90,880
18 Team Bidz Bidz, Detain, Gefkid, Insight, Revolt 90,465
19 Team Zepa Zepa, Eminence, Immense, Killerpie, Zeuss 85,220
20 Legion Gaming Jambo, LouiCM, Subsist, Traudey, Watson 77,590
21 Splyce Halo Eco, Renegade, Stellur, Ramby, TeddyRecks 69,955
22 Team Hate Hate, Cball, JuJu, Klink, Shipping 66,865
23 Movistar Riders Oney, Pelukaa, Puni, Sammy, Supraaz 64,935
24 Reign SamBaldy, Fjeldzy, Friiz, Jacko, Monk 57,235
25 Devious Gaming Carbines, Disarray, Fusion, Genesis, LewTee 56,495

The 50 best free agents

These free agents have not been announced as part of a roster so far. These include retired players, players still looking for a team, or players already under contract who just haven’t had an official announcement just yet. 

Nationality Player Pro Points
US Censor 61,250
US Sender 42,625
US Nameless 40,305
EN Riskin 33,640
US Parzelion 32,310
US Bevils 31,975
US Tisch 30,110
US Apox 29,635
US Great 29,150
US RobbieB 28,775
US Phantomz 28,630
US Demise 27,775
US Stamino 27,330
US Studyy 26,625
TO Macka 25,900
UK Creza 25,845
US Envader 25,695
US BIfire 25,400
US Mosh 24,350
US Grvty 24,345
EN Gabi 24,255
EN TonyJs 23,810
US Neonn 23,790
US LispZeus 23,745
US Hitmxn 23,450
UK MarkyB 23,380
UK Verdict 22,665
US Remy 22,185
US Jetli 21,345
UK Urban 21,010
OF Stelios 20,420
UK SamB 19,640
US JHaaze 19,520
US Pemby 19,225
US Anihmal 19,210
UK Nathan 19,095
US mutex 19,060
US Gizmo 18,975
US Drama 18,950
US Zaptius 18,505
IT Pacobey 18,135
US Mochila 18,005
US Brack 18,000
US NE0D 17,715
UK TheJDS 17,695
EN Vortex 17,490
US risky 17,420
IT Predax 17,220
ES Stylexx 17,125
US Reign 16,865